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ITI504 Linux Administration (8)


This course utilizes SuSE Linux Enterprise Server to teach administrative and advanced administrative skills in an enterprise environment. Students will learn to install and configure SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, establish and manage users and groups, grant and manage permissions to users and groups, manage software applications with YaST, manage and troubleshoot the SUSE Linux file system, manage printing, configure the network with YaST, and manage network services.

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sesssionSY/USSchool of Computing and Mathematics

Enrolment restrictions

Only for students enrolled in: Master of Networking and Systems Administration Master of Management (IT) - MMgtInfoTech Graduate Certificate in Management (IT) - GradCertMgtInfoTech
ITI500 and ITI503

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
- be able to update and monitor a SLES server
- be able to perform administrative tasks with YaST
- be able to manage users and groups
- be able to provide basic system security
- be able to manage the Linux file system
- be able to manage software installation
- be able to manage system initialisation, processes, and services
- be able to connect the server to the network
- be able to provide basic network services (such as printing and web access)
- be able to remotely access a SLES server
- be able to install SLES
- be able to configure the network manually
- be able to configure network services
- be able to secure a SLES Server
- be able to manage backup and recovery
- be able to develop shell scripts
- be able to compile software from source
- be able to perform a server health check
- be able to do server performance tuning
- be able to manage hardware and component changes


The subject will cover the following topics:
Introduction to Managing the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Managing the Linux User Environment Managing User and Group Security Managing the Linux Files system Software Management for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Understanding System Initialisation Managing Linux Services Connecting the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to the Network Enabling Network Services Configuring Security Services Installing SUSE Linux from the Network


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