ITI509 Leading Learning in ICT (8)


The goal of this subject is to prepare students to lead professional learning about ICT in education contexts. It does this using the Certified Technology Trainer (CTT+) international industry certification developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).   The CompTIA CTT+ certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry. Students in this subject will be prepared for the certification examinations which are based on a set of objectives designed to measure the core knowledge and skills that competent instructors must demonstrate to successfully implement a coaching course both in a classroom and a virtual classroom environment. Please note that the examinations themselves are not part of the subject.

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Session 2
DistanceWagga Wagga Campus
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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLSchool of Education

Enrolment restrictions

This subject is not available to students who have completed ITI501 Technology Partners in Learning 1
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ITI501 ITI501 Shared content with this subject

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to implement a peer coaching program;
  • be able to critically analyse and outline the current position and future direction of peer coaching as a personal development strategy, both in Australia and internationally;
  • be able to explain how to ensure the ongoing success of the peer coaching program in the school environment;
  • be able to appraise learning objectives and match them to learner and organisational needs;
  • be able to select, evaluate and implement effective coaching methods;
  • be able to utilise online instructional media to deliver peer training;
  • be able to address individual learner needs and evaluate learner performance throughout peer training activities.


The subject will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to the peer coaching concept: current research and strategies for successful implementation.
  • Designing a coaching program that aligns with your institution's goals and available resources.
  • Tailoring coaching plans to individual teacher's needs.
  • Managing the technical classroom.
  • Methods and media for instructional delivery - effective technology integration.
  • Instructor credibility and communications.
  • Leading group facilitation.
  • Preparing for the CompTIA CTT+ written examination.
  • Planning prior to the CTT+ video assignment.
  • Reflecting upon and evaluating a professional development/coaching event.
  • Managing and participating in a peer coaching community.


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