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JST477 Community Corrections (8)


This subject aims to develop professional knowledge and skills in Correctional Management. It is aimed at those working with offenders being managed in the community. It involves consideration of the nature, appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of community based corrections including understanding its role in society and its theoretical paradigms. The focus will be upon the nature of the community, the expectations of community corrections, methods of community social care and evaluating community corrections.

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Subject information

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One sessionHD/FLAustralian Graduate School of Policing and Security

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
have acquired an advanced professional knowledge of community corrections including a brief history of developments and changing ideological paradigms;
have considered the psychological and sociological impact of community based corrections on individual offenders and the community as an entity;
have a sound understanding of current approaches to community corrections;
have an ability to apply theoretical constructs to practice;
have considered alternative correctional approaches and their psychological and sociological impact; and
have considered practical, implemental strategies of community correctional management that promote social harmony including an emphasis on early intervention, restorative justice and alternate dispute resolution.


The subject will cover the following topics:
Unit One: Overview of Community Corrections including history, ideology, critical developments and the nature of involuntary clients. Unit Two: Overview of the nature of communities and fundamental community development principles as are relevant to Community Corrections. Unit Three: Concepts of Management as applied to Community Corrections including methods and approaches to the management of offenders in the community and the management of correctional services to communities . Unit Four: Psychological, political, economic and sociological impact of Community Corrections Unit Five: Strategies for ensuring humane community correctional management including consideration of ethical issues. Unit Six: Alternative approaches to community Correctional Management.


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