Rotary Club of Albury North Inc. Professional Experience Prize

This prize is administered by the Faculty of Arts and Education

FBE 13/46 on 30/4/2013


These Professional Experience Placement Grants are chosen by a committee of Academic staff within the School of Education on the Albury-Wodonga campus and awarded to three students for their academic merit and /or need. The Grants assist students with living expenses both away and at home while on their professional placement practicum, usually within a rural or remote area. Students who apply for this prize need to show that they are living away from home during the normal session times and paying rent. They also need to show that they need to be employed during normal session time, and will have to take leave from work to attend the placement.


Final year teacher education student studying on Albury/Wodonga Campus.


Three x $1000

Certificate text

Rotary Club of Albury North Inc. is proud to present this prize of $1000 to a final year education student to support their professional experience placement outside Albury Wodonga.

Faculty/School Administration Contact

Please contact the Faculty of Arts and Education for further information.

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