DA Johnstone Perpetual Award

This prize is administered by the School of Environmental Sciences

FBSC15/66 on 10/6/2015


The prize is awarded annually in recognition of the most outstanding undergraduate in park management. Based on academic performance and broader more practical contribution to the discipline whilst studying the course. Normally, the recipient will graduate with distinction. The Committee reserves the right to include opportunity and contribution to the discipline during student's candidature when it considers outstanding academic performance.


The prize is awarded to the graduate judged to be the most outstanding student who has completed requirements for either the Associate Degree of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage) or the Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage).


The prize will have a value of $300.00 and a University Certificate.

Certificate text

for the most outstanding graduating student in Parks, Recreation and Heritage

Faculty/School Administration Contact

Please contact the School of Environmental Sciences for further information.

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