ITI530 Application Development Foundations (8)

This subject introduces students to the fundamentals of the .NET Framework, as well as instructing them on how to manage data in a .NET Framework application.

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Computing and Mathematics

Enrolment Restrictions

Only for students enrolled in the following courses:

  • Master of Systems Development
  • Graduate Certificate in Systems Development 
  • Master of Database Design and Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Database Design and Management
  • Master of Management (IT)
  • Graduate Certificate in Management (IT)


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to manage data in a .NET Framework application by using the .NET Framework system types;
  • be able to improve type safety and application performance in a .NET Framework application by using generic collections;
  • be able to implement .NET Framework interfaces to cause components to comply with standard contracts;
  • be able to control interactions between .NET Framework application components by using events and delegates;
  • be able to develop multithreaded .NET Framework applications;
  • be able to manage system processes and monitor the performance of a .NET Framework application by using the diagnostics functionality of the .NET Framework;
  • be able to implement code access security to improve the security of a .NET Framework application;
  • be able to expose COM (Component Object Model) components to the .NET Framework and to expose the .NET Framework components to COM;
  • be able to obtain Microsoft MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification.


This subject will cover the following topics:

. Value types
. ArrayList class
. Specialized String classes
. Inherit from ServiceBase class
. Thread class
. Configure an application domain.
. Configuration class and ConfigurationManager class
. Implementing the IConfigurationSystem interface
. Configure the location of an assembly and which version of the assembly to use.
. Register remote objects by using configuration files.
. Embed management information and events into a .NET Framework application.
. Subscribe to management events by using the ManagementEventWatcher class.
. Implementing serialization and input/output functionality in a .NET Framework application
. Implement custom serialization formatting by using the Serialization Formatter classes.
. Improving the security of the .NET Framework applications by using the .NET Framework security features
. Protected Data class and Protected Memory class
. Import a type library as an assembly.
. Marshal data with Platform Invoke
. Format date and time values based on the culture.
. Decoder Fallback classes
. Capture class and CaptureCollection class


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