SSS010 Introduction to Chemistry (6)

This subject is designed to cover those concepts and skills in chemistry required by a student who is enrolling into a typical first year tertiary chemistry subject. Included in the subject is a section on basic mathematics that the student may need to review in order to cope with the rest of the subject.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • Define and give examples of various chemical terms;
  • Distinguish between physical and chemical change;
  • Understand basic atomic structure, chemical bonding and the formation of compounds;
  • Distinguish between ionic and molecular compounds;
  • Understand how chemical compounds are named;
  • Write and balance chemical equations;
  • Determine atomic weights and molecular weights;
  • Calculate percentage composition of elements in compounds;
  • Express concentration of a solution in various ways;
  • Appreciate the diversity and complexity of organic compounds; and
  • Identify and name simple hydrocarbons.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • * Classification of matter.
  • * The nature of matter.
  • * Atomic structure.
  • * The formation of compounds - bonding.
  • * The physical properties of ionic and molecular compounds - a comparison.
  • * Nomenclature - naming chemical compounds.
  • * Chemical equations.
  • * Stoichiometry - chemical arithmetic.
  • * Solution stoichiometry.
  • * Organic chemistry.


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