ART222 Art, Technology and Culture (8)

This subject is a critical analysis of the shifts in practice and theory in the visual arts as a result of the impact of technology; from photography to the computer. The subject proceeds from the advent of photography, and technological evolutions of the past hundred years, to the destruction of the concept of the "original" as a unique art work; to mass reproduction, and the influence of installation, sound, and audio technologies. The culture of interdisciplinary arts arising from the breakdown of traditional art forms is examined to give context to hybrid arts, and art as text, and to study the altered relationship of artist to media, and of artist to audience, at the end of the twentieth century and on into this one.


Session 2 (60)
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Wagga Wagga Campus
Wagga Wagga Campus

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Communication and Creative Industries

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to critically analyse contemporary art and ideas within the context of postmodern culture
  • be able to engage in informed debate about hybridity/intermediary activity in arts practice and theory
  • be able to propose reasons and rationales for the impact of technology on art over the past hundred years


This subject will cover the following topics:

-Advent of Photography/ from Degas 1880s -Transformation of the Portrait -Origin of Originality/ Marcel Duchamp -Prerequisite to Authenticity/ Walter Benjamin -Demise of the Image/ Baudrillard -Installation/ Sound and Audio/ From Joseph Beuys -Age of Reproduction/ Warhol -Art and Text/ Conceptualization 1980s -Interdisciplinary Art -Electronic Art/Digital Arts Media


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