EEL510 Leading Professional Learning Organisations (8)

This subject will provide a critical understanding of the concepts and practice of organisational learning with a focus on leading professional learning communities in work related environments. There will be a specific emphasis on organisational learning in educational settings. Organisational learning is described as a commitment by an organisation to facilitate structural, and cultural changes which privilege formal and informal learning in order to achieve specific goals. Students will identify the practices that contribute to and inhibit organisational learning, and will develop a plan that creates or further develops the professional learning community within their particular setting.


Session 2 (60)
Bathurst Campus
Session 3 (90)
Bathurst Campus

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One session


School of Teacher Education

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • develop a critical understanding of the history and evolution of the field of organisational learning from its foundation to its current conception of professional learning communities or teams.
  • develop a critical understanding of the interrelated processes, and generic and specific challenges that must be overcome when creating, developing, leading, and sustaining a learning organization, specifically a professional learning community.
  • criticallyreflect upon their specific work environment as a "case study" and develop strategies to increase/improve the organisational learning in their setting moving toward the establishing and/or sustaining a professional learning community or some aspects of it.
  • develop the art and science of systems thinking through critical analysis and reflection on the research on organisational learning, through a critical analysis and reflection on their current workplace and the extent to which it is a learning organization, and through a critical analysis and reflection on the interrelatedness of people, and processes in a learning environment in a particular context.


This subject will cover the following topics:

- Theories of organisational learning.
- Analysing organisational learning processes.
- Organisational learning as a new management practice.
- Barriers to organisational learning.
- Organisational learning and its relationship with work-related education and training.
- Developing organisational learning within an organisation with a particular emphasis on the school setting or other work contexts appropriate to the student


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