Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)


Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)


The course includes the following awards:

Doctor of Philosophy PhD


Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) (1901AA)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Arts - Extended) (1904AA)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Arts - By Prior Publication) (1905AA)

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Availability is subject to change, please verify prior to enrolment.

Period of Candidature

Duration for a Higher Degree course is defined in terms of Minimum/Maximum Period of Candidature.

Please consult the Higher Degree by Research Policy: Enrolment and Progress for specific information for Higher Degree duration.

Admission Criteria

CSU Admission Policy

Admissions Policy: PhD, PhD by Prior Publication and Master by Research Programs

Special admission criteria

Applications with the area of research interest clearly stated can be lodged at any time within the academic year. Initial contact with the appropriate Course Coordinator is highly advisable.

Admission Criteria for PhD By Research (Arts)

The entry qualifications required for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy program in the Faculty of Arts and Education are:

  • a relevant Bachelor degree at Honours Class 1 or Honours Class 2 Division 1; or
  • a relevant Master by Research; or
  • enrolled in a Charles Sturt University Master by Research program and has demonstrated exceptional ability in the conduct of a research project which is clearly capable of being extended to a doctoral level; or
  • a relevant coursework Masters degree with evidence of research at a Distinction level or above; or
  • other qualifications acceptable to the Faculty and the Research Committee.

Admission criteria for PhD by Prior Publication

An applicant for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publication shall meet the requirements specified below. Admission to candidature will be subject to external assessment. A candidate is expected to be an experienced researcher with a significant refereed publication record of doctoral standard.

An applicant for admission to Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publication candidature shall have:

  1. qualified for the award of a Master degree by research at an acceptable level; or
  2. an appropriate Bachelor degree with class 1 or class 2(i) Honours from an Australian university or an equivalent overseas tertiary institution, taken over a minimum of four years (full-time equivalent); or
  3. some other appropriate combination of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications (such as relevant graduate diplomas) and research experience which demonstrates to the Research Committee that he/she is capable of undertaking research at a Doctoral level, may be accepted into the program.

The Reseach Committee shall base its decision on a proposed candidature upon the following evidence:

  • the publications (which may include books and non-print materials) that will be included in the submission presented for examination;
  • any information on the quality and citations of the publications to be included in the submission;
  • a statement making clear the applicant's contribution to all jointly-authored publications;
  • a statement from the co-authors of any jointly-authored publications confirming the extent of the applicant's contribution to these publications;
  • a statement of no more than five pages that:
    • indicates the way in which the work has developed;
    • demonstrates the contemporary relevance of each publication;
    • makes clear the way in which the publications make an original scholarly contribution to knowledge;
    • provides a thematic overview which serves to link the individual publications into an integrated whole;
    • confirms the papers have not previously been submitted as part of a degree;
  • a statement indicating whether or not additional research activity may be required in order to convert the publications to an integrated whole, and if so, an outline of the necessary work,
  • the names of two persons who are able to provide academic references relevant to the proposed PhD candidature
  • the qualifications and experience of the applicant;
  • the proposed area of research;
  • an indication of willingness to supervise the proposed research from a supervisor;
  • certification from the Faculty that:
    • the proposed program of study and research is at a level appropriate to the degree being sought;
    • the proposed program falls within an approved University field of research for higher degrees;
    • adequate supervision and physical resources are available;
    • the applicant has the appropriate background and ability to undertake the proposed course;
    • the applicant has given the necessary commitment to work regularly on the approved program of study and research and maintain regular contact with a supervisor.


CSU Credit Policy


Graduation Requirement

To graduate students must satisfactorily complete 192 points.

Course Structure

Students should contact the Sub Dean Graduate Studies or potential supervisor to discuss possible research topics. Students wishing to undertake research in an area strategically aligned with a designated University Research Centre should also contact the Director of that Centre.

In accordance with the University's Higher Degree Regulations, students will be assigned an appropriate supervisor who will assist the student in developing a research proposal and the title for the research, and guide the student during the research process and thesis preparation.

Priority research areas of the Faculty for a Doctor of Philosophy by research and thesis are Australian literature, rural sociology, Australian history, communication, creative industries and culture, ethics and social philosophy, social work and social welfare, social administration and policy, theological and biblical studies, Islamic Studies, fine art and drama.

In consultation with the Sub Dean and supervisor, each student will be allocated one of the following research subject codes, in which the student will enrol for the period of his or her candidature:

  • ART701/ART702 Doctoral Research (Arts)
  • COM701/COM702 Doctoral Research (Communication)
  • HSS701/HSS702 Doctoral Research (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • ISL701/ISL702 Doctoral Research (Islamic Studies)
  • THL701/THL702 Doctoral Research (Theology)

Subjects above are listed in both their full-time and part-time modes, where 701 = part-time and 702 = full-time.

Enrolment Pattern

No enrolment pattern is specified. Students are advised to contact the Associate Dean Higher Degree Research or Coordinator for relevant information.

The information contained in the CSU Handbook was accurate at the date of publication: February 2020. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice.