Master of Philosophy


Master of Philosophy


The course includes the following awards:

Master of Philosophy MPhil


Master of Philosophy (Lab Based) (5801PH)

On Campus - Uni Wide
Online - Uni Wide

Master of Philosophy (Non Lab Based) (5802PH)

On Campus - Uni Wide
Online - Uni Wide

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Normal Course Duration

Course duration is the effective time taken to complete a course when studied full-time (full-time equivalent duration). Students are advised to consult the Enrolment Pattern to determine length of study. Not all courses are offered in full-time mode.

Master of Philosophy

Full-time: 2.0 years (or part-time equivalent)

Admission Criteria

CSU Admission Policy

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of the University holds the delegated authority to approval for admission to a research higher degree programs.

Master of Philosophy

Basis of Approval for Admission to the Master of Philosophy
The RAC shall base its decision on admission to a proposed Master of Philosophy candidature upon the following evidence, that:

  • the proposed program of study and research is at a level appropriate to the degree being sought;
  • the proposed area of research falls within an approved University field of research for admission to a higher degree by research;
  • the proposed supervisors are sufficiently expert in the area of research, and have the time and commitment to be able to provide appropriate supervision, and that adequate physical resources are available;
  • the applicant has the appropriate background and ability to undertake the proposed course (refer also to Entry Qualifications, below);
  • the applicant has given the necessary commitment to work regularly on the approved program of study and research and maintain regular contact with the supervisor(s).

Entry Qualifications for Master of Philosophy Degree
The entry qualifications required for admission to a Master of Philosophy program are:

  • an appropriate Bachelor degree from an Australian university or an equivalent overseas tertiary institution, taken over a minimum of three years (full-time equivalent) and with a minimum grade point average of 5.0; or
  • an appropriate Bachelor degree with honours from an Australian university or an equivalent overseas tertiary institution, taken over a minimum of four years (full-time equivalent); or
  • some other appropriate combination of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications (such as relevant graduate diplomas) and research experience that demonstrate  capacity   to   undertake   research   at a Masters level.


CSU Credit Policy

No special arrangements apply.

Graduation Requirement

To graduate students must satisfactorily complete 128 points.

Course Structure

Students will work with their supervisory team to complete all aspects of the research project which constitutes the Master of Philosophy degree. The supervisory team will be comprised of one principal supervisor and at least one co-supervisor who are both permanent academic staff at Charles Sturt University. Supervisory teams may include additional co-supervisors who are adjuncts and/or external to CSU with appropriate qualifications. All supervisors will be required to meet minimum qualification and professional experience standards and have been formally registered on the CSU Supervisor Registry.

Under the guidance of their supervisors, students will determine an appropriate area of study that aligns with the Facultys designated fields of research, where appropriate, gain ethics and other approvals, conduct a detailed research investigation, and write and submit a thesis for examination.

Students are also required to complete and submit a formal research proposal that has been reviewed and endorsed by a review panel and approved through the School-based endorsement of candidature process. Students will also be required to engage with University progress reporting requirements as advised by the Research Office on admission. Additional requirements and conditions of enrolment, probation and progress may be applicable to individual students.

Enrolment Pattern

Students will be enrolled in a single 128-point subject for the duration of their degree. The subject code will be determined according to the School in which students are enrolled within the Faculty of Science.

The information contained in the CSU Handbook was accurate at the date of publication: February 2020. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice.