THL341 Guided Research in Theology (8)

The principal purpose of this subject is to provide students intending to progress beyond the Bachelor of Theology to the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) or Master of Theology with an experience in guided research. As a result, enrolment in this subject requires the approval of the Subject coordinator. The subject facilitates the exploration of an approved topic in a chosen theological subdiscipline, to be determined in consultation with the Subject coordinator. Students are expected to demonstrate the use of appropriate methodology, research, writing and communication skills, normally through the preparation of a substantial essay.


Session 1 (30)
On Campus
Canberra Campus
Ming Hua Theological College
United Theological College
Canberra Campus
Session 2 (60)
On Campus
Canberra Campus
United Theological College
Canberra Campus

Continuing students should consult the SAL for current offering details: THL341. Where differences exist between the Handbook and the SAL, the SAL should be taken as containing the correct subject offering details.

Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Theology

Enrolment Restrictions

Bachelor of Theology students only.
Not available to students who have completed subject THL427.

Assumed Knowledge

All core subjects from Bachelor of Theology and no fewer than five subjects in a particular theological subdiscipline (biblical studies, church history, systematic theology, practical theology)

Subject Relationships

THL427 Paired Subject

Incompatible Subjects


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to discuss critically an issue in a particular theological subdiscipline arising from the investigation of an approved research topic;
  • be able to demonstrate critical appraisal of literature relevant to their research topic;
  • be able to demonstrate sound dialogical skills in developing and exploring an appropriate research project; and
  • be able to demonstrate self-guided learning, including advanced research, writing and communication skills.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • The development of an approved research topic in consultation with a supervisor
  • Guided reading and critical analysis of relevant texts
  • Regular contact between student and supervisor during the development of the research
  • Hermeneutics, critical methodology and close attention to texts

The information contained in the CSU Handbook was accurate at the date of publication: March 2022. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice.