AGR347 Rural Project (8)
Rural Project offers students the opportunity to undertake project work that allows them to apply theory to practical situations of their choosing. Case study projects will be on an individual basis negotiated between the student and their supervisor.

All Rural Project case studies are subject to approval by Course Stream Coordinator.

Rural Project is offered at Level 3 and activities undertaken within this subject should reflect the School's expectation of subjects at this level. The subject may broadly be described as being student-driven. You are now capable of independent study, so it is appropriate that the lecturer plays the role of facilitator. As a Level 3 student, you will be expected to display significant higher order thinking such as evaluation and synthesis and other critical thinking skills.
No offerings have been identified for this subject in 2019.
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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Rural Management
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to critically analyse a selected project area (the case study) and from this, identify one or more components that appear to be preventing it from operating at a sustainable and/or optimum level;
  • be able to conduct research to gain an informed understanding of the significant factors or issues needed to improve the situation;
  • be able to demonstrate skills in conducting a critical literature review;
  • be able to outline and discuss the option/s for situation improvement; and compile and justify your recommendations;
  • be able to develop an implementation strategy, identifying key management options, financial implications and timeframes;
  • be able to prepare and present a poster to industry conference standards;
  • be able to prepare a report, using an appropriate format, structure and style that presents an authoritative account of the project.
The subject will cover the following topics:
Rural Project is project-based. The project is the case study chosen by the student and approved by the Course stream coordinator. The case study has a real world setting, and the task is to reach a rich understanding of the situation or process as it currently exists, research aspects that appear to need improving, identify options, recommend one course of action and how it can best be put into effect. The following areas will be addressed: overview of the case study and present situation literature review of the situation and/or technology identification of the options identified from the literature review development of an improvement strategy from the options identified development of an implementation plan of the strategy identifying any changes required and timeframes evaluation of the proposed change and cost effectiveness preparation and presentation of a poster report writing
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