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BUS303 Business Language and Culture (Management) (8)


This subject is part of an integrated set of five commerce and business culture subjects. Students would select any 4 of the 5 subjects and take them at a partner institution in a country other than their home country. The subject material for this subject is comprised of the basic language structures of the foreign country which are taught on the basis of situational topics with an emphasis on developing aural and oral skills. Elements of the foreign culture are studies in the context of the topics and students, in addition to learning the elements of the foreign language, will be required to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of elements of the foreign culture in terms of management practices in the foreign economy. Students taking this subject will normally have completed the foundation subjects of the Bachelor of Business.

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLSchool of Management and Marketing

Enrolment restrictions

Only available to students choosing to study at a CSU partner institution in a country other than their home country.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
- Understand the basics of pronunciation and intonation of their chosen foreign language;
- Understand their chosen foreign language as spoken in a variety of specific situations;
- Demonstrate a basic competency in oral expression with topics studies;
- Demonstrate a basic understanding of the socio-linguistic rules relating to social conduct in situations studied;
- Demonstrate a basic understanding of how differences in culture between the student's home country and their foreign location impact upon management practices in their chosen foreign location.


The subject will cover the following topics:
- Correct pronunciation and intonation patterns associated with the student's chosen foreign language; - Language functions based on a wide variety of everyday contact situations in the student's chosen foreign location; - Individual and group research in the student's chosen foreign location to investigate how cultural differences in the student's home culture impact upon management practices in the foreign culture.


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