EHR108 Economics & Politics of the Sports Industry (8)
Politics (ie. the use of power) is involved in all social relationships and organisations, including those related to sports. Moreover, as commercial sport has become 'big business', economic issues have become increasingly significant in the structure, organisation and decision making processes in sport and sport organisations. This subject familiarises students with the workings of politics and economics in the national and international sports industries, providing case study examples of some of the key issues in the field. Students will learn about the intersections and links between politics, economics and the media that form the basis of contemporary commercial sports.
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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health
Assumed Knowledge
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to explain how sports are connected with important political and economic processes at the global, national and local levels;
  • be able to critically analyse the growth and development of commercial sports;
  • be able to debate the role of the Olympic Games in fostering political ideology, consumer culture and urban development;
  • be able to identify the political and economic processes that occur in sports and sport organisations;
  • be able to analyse the role of the media in the globalisation and commodification of sport;
  • be able to discuss the ways in which local groups resist or assimilate the globalisation and commodification of sport.
The subject will cover the following topics:
- Introduction, Orientation and Overview; - The Characteristics of Commercial Sports; - Sociological Theories of Contemporary Commercial Sport; - Government Involvement in Sport; - The Marketing of the Olympic Games; - Sport Mega-Events and Urban Development; - The Media and the Globalisation of Sports; - Sports and the Politics of Class, Race and Gender; - Sports, the Media and Economic/Political Processes; - Sport and National Identity; - The Politics of Disabled Sports; - The Economics and Politics of Sports Facilities; - The Sports Industry in the 21st Century: Future Trends
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