EPT436 Transition to the Teaching Profession (8)


As the capstone subject in the course students will draw together their development as a teacher. Students will analyse their personal practice and identify the professional learning goals they have as they enter the profession and consider their entry into the profession and plan for their initial period in the position of educator. Students will, in collaboration with their associate teachers, plan delivery and assess a variety of curriculum areas as appropriate. The number of days will depend on accreditation requirements. This experience will contribute to the students’ professional development as teachers.

+ Subject Availability Modes and Location

Session 1
OnlineWagga Wagga Campus
On CampusWagga Wagga Campus
Session 2
OnlineWagga Wagga Campus
On CampusAlbury-Wodonga Campus
On CampusBathurst Campus
On CampusPort Macquarie
On CampusWagga Wagga Campus
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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionSY/USSchool of Education

Enrolment restrictions

Prerequisite(s)Incompatible subject(s)
EPT329 and (ACC311 or MKT303 or MKT310 or MKT331 or MKT335 or MKT340 or MKT350 or MKT360 or MKT381 or MKT389 or INR310 or HRM320 or HRM330 or HRM381 or HRM386 or MGT330) or (MTH307 or MTH328 or MTH418) or (LIT301 or LIT303 or LIT324) or (HST301 or HST308 or HST311) or (BIO312 or BIO326 or BIO328 or CHM321 or CHM323 or PHY301 or PHY302 or PHY304) or (GEO303 or GEO314 or PKM307 or SOC302 or REC302) or (EHR303 or EHR332 or EHR334) or (FDS304 or NUT325) or (EPI306 or EPI307) or (ITC301 or ITC331 or ITC332 or ITC357) or (AGS300 or ASC350 or AGR304 or PSC360) and (EMH442 or EMA442 or EML442 or EMM442 or EMR441 or EMS441 or EMT444 or EMT446 or ETL411)EPT427

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to successfully undertake the role of a classroom teacher;
  • be able to demonstrate the use of resources in a school settings;
  • be able to demonstrate current models of teaching and learning for a range of learners across a range of stages;
  • be able to demonstrate appropriate teaching skills and strategies for teaching diverse learners;
  • be able to use information and communication technologies as a resource for teaching and learning;
  • be able to utilise assessment and reporting procedures appropriate to the context; and
  • complete up to 35 days of professional experience.


The subject will cover the following topics:
  • Work placement in a school or schools
  • Critical self-reflection and ongoing professional development

Work Place Learning

This subject contains a Compulsory Workplace Learning component of 25 to 35 days duration. This subject will involve the practice in school setting in a range of disciplines and will involve up to 35 days in a school setting as required for accreditation .


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