HSM161 Health Services Organisations (8)
This subject is an introduction to the complex nature of contemporary organisations. Knowledge is applied to understand and analyse management practice in the Australian health service industry.
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Subject Information
Grading System
One session
School of Biomedical Sciences
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • understand how management thought as evolved to the present day;
  • have a broad understanding of the functions of managers in contemporary organisations, particularly in the domains of leadership, control, and employee motivation;
  • recognise that there are different organisational perspectives that inform practice, analysis, design and research;
  • have an awareness that different perspectives are based on previous accumulated research within a paradigm and appreciate that some perspectives are more insightful than others depending on the situation;
  • be able to identify the multidimensional nature of structure within organisations.
  • understand that organisational design and structure is paradigm dependent;
  • understand that characteristics of an organisation influence its structure and strategy. eg history, size, purpose, technology;
  • understand that environmental influences (eg economic, cultural, legislative and technological factors) on health service organisations are dynamic;
  • value individuals within organisations;
  • acknowledge other people's perspectives;
  • recognise the potential effects of the dominance of a particular organisational structure or culture;
  • appreciate the breadth of analysis that can be achieved with an approach that uses multiple perspectives;
  • value depth of understanding and appropriate application of knowledge in a contemporary setting;
  • have empathy with the existence of structured inequality within organisations;
  • appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of various ways of structuring health service organisations;
  • to be able to contribute an informed view on the organisational structuring debate if required to do so in their workplace.
The subject will cover the following topics:
- fundamentals of organisation and management; - organisational structure and environmental influences; - organisational leadership, motivation, control and frames of perspective.
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