CSU scholarshipsCharles Sturt University Foundation Scholarships are available to undergraduate international students and there are some CSU Faculty scholarships that are available to international research students. There may also be other scholarship options for you including Australian government, international agencies, or your own government.


Find out about undergraduate scholarships for international students.


There are a number of research scholarships available to students undertaking a degree in research.

Find out about post graduate scholarships for international students.

Australian Government

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) offers the Australian Awards Scholarship for international students to study at Australian universities and vocational education and training institutions. Australian Awards Scholarships enable international students from developing countries to gain knowledge and skills which will help the development of their home country when they return.

Charles Sturt University is also registered to receive various international scholarship students on behalf of the Australian government to study in Australia.

More on Australian government scholarships

International agencies and government scholarships

Many countries offer government scholarships which support students who want to study overseas. You may wish to investigate any special scholarships your country offers. In addition, private education foundations and some multinational companies have funds available to support students. Some other scholarship options you may wish to investigate include:

  • scholarships from your government
  • private education foundations
  • multinational companies
  • The World Bank
  • The United Nations