Preparing for arrival

Travelling to a different country can be challenging. Before you arrive in Australia, you will need to know some important information that will make your transition as smooth as possible.

International Pre-departure Guide

CSU has compiled a guide for new students with information that will help you when planning your trip to Australia. It is necessary to read the contents of this guide very carefully and if you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this guide please contact your International Student Support Officer.

You'll find information you need on:

  • Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Your student Visa
  • Arranging your Accommodation
  • Arriving in Australia and pick up

Pre-departure Checklists

Where to go next:

  • When you have been accepted to CSU, visit for further important information

Enquiry information

Request course information
Call us on 1800 334 733, (International +61 2 6338 6077)

Enquiry information

Request course information
Call us on +61 2 6338 6077 (International),
or 1800 334 733 within Australia

Policy Documents

As a prospective international student it is important you read and understand the following policies:

  • Video | Travel from CSU to major cities


    Charles Sturt University is accessible from Australian major cities on the east coast of Australia by car, bus, plane or train.

  • Video | MyDay

    MyDay offers high school students the unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a uni student.

  • Video | Future Moves

    Future Move's goal is to work with schools to increase the connection and accessibility of university and other higher education opportunities.

  • Video | Accommodation and the cost of living

    The overall cost of obtaining a degree at CSU is lower than most other universities in Australia, and our students find that the cost of living is less in a regional centre compared to metropolitan locations.