Starting on campus

Notification of arrival form

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Immigration and Customs regulations

Immigration and laws when coming to Australia

Australia has very strict Customs laws about what is allowed to enter the country. All animal and plant products that you bring into Australia must be declared for inspection.

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Travel to your campus

Travelling to regional university campuses

Travel arrangements to your regional campus can be made by connecting plane, train, or bus from Sydney or Melbourne. Depending on your arrival time, you may have to make a stopover in Sydney or Melbourne and arrange your own accommodation.

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Arrival assistance

Assiting you when you arrive in Australia

Who will meet me when I arrive in Australia? As part of our personalised welcome service, a CSU International Student Support Officer or CSU Representative will meet you on arrival in the city where you will study.

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Late arrivals

A University representative will meet you on your arrival in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Orange, or Wagga Wagga and take you to your campus. If you arrive late, then you will need to arrange accommodation for yourself, and contact your International Student Support Officer the following day.

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Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework, in combination with Migration law, sets out certain rights and responsibilities you have as an international student.

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International student responsibilities while studying at CSU

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an international student are imposed on you by the conditions of your student visa.

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Receiving your mail at CSU

Mail services on our campuses

As part of your student visa condition, you must register your mailing address details with the University within seven days of your arrival, and you must notify us if you change your address during the course of your study.

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Adjusting to a new environment

Adjusting to living on a regional university campus

People go through various phases of adjustment when they move from one culture to another. Your first few days can be a bit disorienting, but at CSU, we'll help you to get settled in and familiar with your campus as soon as possible.

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Forms, lists and checklists

Easy access to all the forms and checklists for international students studying in Australia at a CSU regional campus

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International Student Policies

As a prospective internationalal student it is important you read and understand some CSU policies.

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Driving a motor vehicle in NSW

Driving in NSW Australia

Are you planning on driving a car while you're attending Charles Sturt University? If you are an international visitor, and you have a valid international driver's licence, you are permitted to drive a car in NSW (subject to conditions).

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