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To enable resource availability and functioning ecosystems for future generations, CSU Managers have the responsibility of assisting CSU to achieve the sustainability objectives detailed in the University's Sustainability Sub-plan, one of the University's Strategic Priorities. CSU Managers can achieve this change though workplace engagement and operational changes, and assisting CSU to embed environmental sustainability into all CSU curriculum.

Through implementing sustainable workplace practices and achieving cultural change within the workplace, CSU Managers can assist the University in reducing carbon emissions, energy and water use, and diversion of waste from landfill.

Through embedding environmental sustainability into curriculum, CSU Managers can assist CSU in achieving cultural change among staff and students with a flow-on effect of passing on that knowledge and skills to the wider community. CSU Green, the University's Sustainability Office, is available to support CSU Managers to achieve sustainable change within their workplace.

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The Everyday Sustainability Checklist

  1. Am I dressed for the conditions? 
  2. Pack your lunch in reusable packaging
  3. How can I get to work other than travelling alone in my own car?
  4. Do I need all the lights and air-conditioning on?
  5. Use a keep cup for your morning coffee
  6. Work electronically rather than printing
  7. Talk to your colleagues about ways to integrate sustainability into your workplace (including curriculum and research)
  8. Make use of the recycling facilities in your office when you do create waste
  9. Report leaking taps or other maintenance issues that are wasting resources
  10. Turn the lights off if you don't need them
  11. Computers shut down and off at power point
  12. Printers shut down and off at power point
  13. Turn other electronic appliances off at the power point
  14. Personally controlled heating or cooling turned off