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Staff Information: Student Counselling

Information and Resources for CSU Staff to Support Students

We recognise the need for all academic and general staff to have access to tools and information which will better allow them to assist students.

CSU's Student Counselling team do not provide counselling for CSU Staff. Staff can use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to access professional counselling services.

About the Student Counselling Service:

We offer counselling to internal and distance education students in-person and via phone, skype (web-cam) and e-mail.

Students can book their appointments online. If you become familiar with the online booking system you can support students through this process. There are two separate booking systems depending on the type of appointment the student requires:

  • For In-person, Phone or Skype appointments: students select an appointment based on if they want an appointment as soon as possible or (for internal students) if they want an appointment with a counsellor on their campus. Students are required, as a one off, to provide their personal information. Take time to view the booking process yourself.
  • For e-mail counselling: students need to meet a range of requirements. If eligible, when they register they will be asked to describe the issues concerning them and the impact they are having. Internal students who are reluctant to begin counselling may find e-mail counselling less confronting. Read up more on e-mail counselling.

Students who are reluctant to access counselling can be directed to a range of self-help resources. These resources include mental health issues and strategies to cope with stress and succeed at their academic studies.

Reacting to a student in crisis:

These resources will help to guide you when you are assisting a student who is distressed and/or who may be at risk or suicide. Print these resources or have this site saved in your favourites.

Information Sessions and Training for Staff

CSU counselling staff facilitate a range of information sessions to help you better assist students.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

MHFA, an internationally recognised course, provides you with a range of skills to respond to a mental health crisis and to speak to a student about mental health issues. This course is twelve hours of training, consisting of four modules. The training can be delivered over two days, or in separate modules over several weeks.
For details of upcoming training dates and locations, information about costs, and to register for a training session, please see Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Dealing with students in distress

A one hour presentation by CSU Student Counsellors, for schools and staff groups. This covers the basics of responding appropriately to students who are distressed. For more information or to request a presentation, please see Dealing with students in distress.

Introduction to the Counselling Service

This quick 15 min presentation is suitable to be conducted in staff and team meetings. It provides valuable knowledge on how the counselling service supports students and how you can refer a student to us. For more information e-mail

Information Sessions for Students

We provide a range of information sessions to students. These include information sessions on stress management and strategies to cope with the pressure of academic studies. These information sessions can be held in addition to or in place of normal academic class.

If you are interested in a session being conducted for the students in your service please e-mail Please note, not all requests may be met due to high demand.