Starting at CSU

University Life will differ greatly to high school. There's a lot more to manage than just getting to class on time.

Starting at university is likely to be a highly exciting but sometimes stressful experience. You will need to manage moving to a new city, making new friends, cooking for yourself, doing the laundry, managing study and maybe even a part-time job.

O Week (Orientation)

O Week is a fun and informative week full of activities to help you become familiar with the University environment and settle into being a uni student.

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From school to uni

Being a student at uni is very different to being a school student. Suddenly you get a taste of that independence you always wanted. With increased independence comes increased responsibility, so you'll find that more will be expected from you, both in terms of study and looking after yourself.

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Special requirements

Some courses offered by the University have special requirements, such as uniforms and equipment, and health checks which are necessary while on clinical placement or during session time.

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What will it cost?

When preparing for university life, be aware of likely costs such as living expenses, accommodation, meals, transport and entertainment, and plan accordingly. While weighing up the expenses of studying, always remember the benefits of having the qualification you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Preparing for tertiary study

Learning support is available to students to help prepare them for study at tertiary level, even before they commence their degree. CSU offers a range of programs to help improve your study skills.

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Studying at uni

So, what should you expect when studying at CSU? As a CSU student, your study will involve a range of learning methods, and you'll be assessed in a variety of ways depending on the individual subject or course being undertaken.

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Academic expectations

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