Student support

Access a wide range of services including academic, accommodation, health and welfare, social and sporting, and food and beverage services.

Your time at CSU will be among the best years in your life, to a great extent because of the broad range of support services that provide you the individual assistance you need to make your study experience a positive one.

Following are some of the services and support structures offered at CSU.

Student Central

As a CSU student, you have access to our centralised support system, Student Central for all enquiries relating to non-teaching services. To support your learning needs, we provide an extensive online environment, with access to forums, collaborative tools, and electronic study materials.

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Health and counselling

General health promotion information, advice and referrals to community ancillary health services, and access to student counselling for confidential assistance with personal matters.

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Equity Support

Advice, advocacy and support for students who have been educationally disadvantaged, including anyone entering under a Special Consideration for Admission Access scheme.

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Disability Service

At CSU, students with a disability are provided with a receptive and supportive environment, so they have the same opportunity to choose, access, participate and succeed in university studies.

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Religious Support

Access to community resources and services, connecting you with the religious and spiritual support available on and off campus

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Study Support

As a CSU student, we provide you access to academic learning support and skill development. Whether it's support in mathematics, English, exam techniques, essay writing or learning strategies, we can help you to acquire or enhance the skills you need to succeed in university studies.

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Study Life Balance

There's no doubt that studying at university will impact your life. Study requires commitment and time, but there are still opportunities to lead a rewarding social and family life while you gain your degree.

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Library Services

CSU's campus libraries offers you all the resources you'll need to get the most out of your degree giving you access to thousands of electronic resources, audio-visual material, books, and journals. With online access and 24 hour collaborative study spaces, we live up to our promise to provide library services any time, anywhere.

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As a student at Charles Sturt University, you'll get access to career advice, job application skills, career information and planning advice to help you get your dream job.

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Online Learning

CSU is committed to the flexible delivery of learning and teaching, using technology to allow flexibility and responsiveness to student needs. CSU's online scholarly environment, CSU Interact, provides access to learning resources and opportunities to collaborate online.

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Ally LGBTI Support Program

Ally Program

CSU’s Ally Program is intended to foster a University culture that acknowledges and supports sexual, sex and gender diversity.

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