Cross Institutional Study

Even if you're currently studying at another university or at TAFE, you can still study a subject or course at CSU - and have that count towards your current degree.

Combine your studies to maximise your skills

The cross institutional study scheme allows you to undertake a unit of study at CSU that may not be offered at the university in which you are currently enrolled.

If you are enrolled in academic programs at another Australian university or TAFE, you can study CSU subjects and be granted credit for that unit of study towards your main degree.

To qualify, you need to:

  1. Be a Commonwealth-supported student (Please note that the cost of your CSU subject may not be the same as a subject at your main provider)
  2. Provide a letter from your home institution confirming that your CSU subject will count towards your award and a copy of your most recent CAN (Commonwealth Assistance Notice)
  3. Apply online to CSU for your subject(s) as early as you can and upload the above two documents. To apply online, select Application Type Single Subject Study and Cross Institutional Study and use one of the below Admission Codes in the Choose your course section.   Nominate the subjects you would like to study in the Nominate your subjects section.

Or, you can download and complete an Application for Admission form [PDF].  Clearly mark your application 'cross-institutional' in the course name field.

Cross-institutional study Admission Codes

  • EAUC - Faculty of Arts subjects
  • EBUC - Faculty of Business subjects
  • EEUC - Faculty of Education subjects
  • ESUC - Faculty of Science subjects


To browse CSU subjects, view our online Handbook (although be aware that not all subjects are available in all sessions.)

When applying for cross institutional study, the subject code should be entered into the strand or major field. You may need to attach a cover letter containing this information if you wish to study more than one subject.

Single Subject study without credit

If you are not seeking cross institutional credit and just want to pick up additional subjects you don't need to worry about the criteria set out above. By choosing to study a single subject you can focus on an area that especially interests you.

Study by distance education

If studying on campus is not convenient for you, there's always the option to study by distance education - so no matter where you are, you can combine your current education with cross institutional study at CSU.