Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation


Name Research Interests Organisation
Min An Allelopathy in Australian agroecosystems, modelling of plant/allelochemical interactions; allelochemical discovery CSU (Wagga)
John Broster Herbicide resistance management in Australian cropping systems CSU (Wagga)
Brown, William    
Geoff Burrows Weed ecology and biology, seed physiology CSU (Wagga)
Roger Cousens Weed ecology and population modelling University of Melbourne
Remy Dehaan Weed detection and spatial analysis CSU (Wagga)
David Gopurenko Population genetics, weed ecology and molecular systematic of weeds NSW DPI
John Harper Cell biology and weed physiology CSU (Wagga)
Shane Hildebrand Weed ecology and agronomy CSU (Wagga)
David Kemp Landscape ecology of mixed cropping systems; ecology and management of invasive plants CSU (Wagga)
John Kent Spray application technology CSU (Wagga)
Eric Koetz Weed biology NSW DPI
Darren Kriticos Weed invasion biology, population modelling, impacts of climate change CSIRO
Deirdre Lemerle Sustainable cropping systems and weed management CSU (Wagga) and NSW DPI
Peter Lockley Weed biology, herbicide selectivity NSW DPI
Tom Nordblom Economics of weed management and biocontrol NSW DPI
Jim Pratley Herbicide resistance and alternative weed management strategies for Australian cropping systems, allelopathy for weed management CSU (Wagga)
Andy Sheppard Development of novel weed biocontrol systems for Australia, invasive plant ecology and biology CSIRO
Aaron Simmons Pasture weed ecology and biology NSW DPI
Rex Stanton Weed ecology and biology in Australian cropping systems; silverleaf nightshade biology and management CSU (Wagga)
Leslie Weston Ecology and biology of invasive plants, plant interactions mediated by allelochemicals, weed toxicity including impacts on livestock production CSU (Wagga)
Paul Weston Weed ecology and biocontrol CSU (Wagga)
Hanwen Wu Weed ecology and biology, development of alternative management strategies for weeds in sustainable cropping systems NSW DPI


Md Asaduzzaman Allelopathy in Canola CSU (Wagga)
Joe Mooore

Chemical ecology, agronomy, allelopathy and fungal endophytes of cool season grasses

CSU (Wagga)
Razia Shaik Biology and ecology of invasive Cucurbitaceous weeds (camel melon and prickly paddy melon) in Australia CSU (Wagga)
Xiaocheng "Diego" Zhu Biology and ecology of exotic American weed silverleaf nightshade and the gene flow between this invasive weed and native Solanaceae species CSU (Wagga)