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Photo of Professor Jane Goodman-Delahunty Professor Jane Goodman-Delahunty

BA (Witwatersrand), TTHD (Witwatersrand), JD (Seattle U School of Law), PhD (Washington)


Jane Goodman-Delahunty is an experimental psychologist and lawyer. Her empirical legal studies foster evidence-based decisions to promote social, procedural and distributive justice within organisations and the community. She practiced at the Bar in the State of Washington (1983-1992), was an Administrative Judge for the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Southern California (1992-2001) and third-party neutral with JAMS The Resolution Experts (1994-2001).

Jane is a past President of the American Psychology Law Society and Editor of Psychology, Public Policy and Law (2001-2006). Previously, she directed the Postgraduate Program in Forensic Psychology at the University of New South Wales. She is a Commissioner at the NSW Law Reform Commission, a Member of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal Community Services Division, and a Mediator for the NSW Office of Fair Trading Mediation Services Unit.

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2007 Book Prize, Evaluating sexual harassment: Psychological, social, and legal considerations in forensic assessments (2005), Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, co-authored by William E Foote. Awarded by the American Psychology-Law Society.

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Research on juries and forensic DNA profiling evidence

Jane, in association with Dr Lindsay Hewson, has created invaluable resources for courts, lawyers, jurors and policy-makers, clearly explaining the foundations of DNA profiling evidence and inferences of Random Match Probability.

  • Jury behaviour
  • Scientific evidence
  • Detection of deception and credibility assessment
  • Workplace discrimination and psychological injuries
  • Emotion in cognition and decision-making, visual arousal of emotion
  • Technology and learning: visual vs verbal information, multimedia communication

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