The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) is part of the Research Office at Charles Sturt University that provides statistical support to research students (and staff) across the University.

Some of the services the QCU can provide are:

  • General statistical consultancy.
  • Design examples and surveys.
  • Planning Examples – Sample size, Power Analysis etc.
  • Analysing – Advice, Support and Completion of analysis.
  • Workshops for people looking to enhance their statistical processing skills.

Through the QCU research Honours, Masters and PhD students are offered a free initial consultation to provide a kick-start to their research to ensure that they embark on a path that will lead to successful completion of their research. Further assistance can be provided to design and analyse experiments and surveys.

The QCU also runs statistics workshops - if you are a CSU student or staff member doing research and wishing to update your quantitative statistical skills, these workshop could be just what you need. If you are external to CSU you are still able to register and attend as a fee paying participant. To express your interest in our workshops please email the QCU Administrator - qcu@csu.edu.au

*** Latest News***

Staffing changes

The QCU is going through some staffing changes so not all of our services are currently available. Once this has been rectified the QCU will be running at full capacity. Meanwhile Coral Moffat (Admin Assistant) 02 6933 2223 is available for any questions/queries.  Watch this space.

Survey for cRow meetings

This survey has now closed, thank you to all who participated. The results will be analysed soon and dates for the 1st cRow meeting will be announced shortly.

Next cRow meeting 

Our cRow meetings will commence again in the new year. once we have dates and times I will post here. Please contact me for the location, or if you would like to be kept informed of when these meetings are happening please send an email to cmoffat@csu.edu.au and your name will be added to the emailing list for this group.  The meetings are held once a month on either Tuesday or Thursday from 12 or 2pm and run for about 2 hours.Workshops

Our next Basic Online Workshop:

Dates will be confirmed in the new year.

Cost per person $250.00 and will run 2 x 1 hour online sessions per week for 5 consecutive weeks, if you would like more information contact the QCU either via phone 69332223 or 69332229 or email qcu@csu.edu.au or open this link and complete the workshop registration form. The course will cover what is listed above in the Face to Face workshop.

Face to Face Basic Statistical Workshop

We are planning on holding our next face to face workshop sometime early 2017, in Wagga Wagga. Dates will be confirmed in 2017.

The course will run for 4 consecutive days at a cost of $750 for CSU Staff; $600 for Masters, PhD & Honours Students (we are sometimes in a position to offer a couple of "Free" places for Honours Students, this varies from workshop to workshop) please inquire at time of registration.

Provided will be morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, tea & coffee each day and workshop materials.

The course will cover

  • Experimental Process
  • Data Types
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Summaries
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Modelling Data
  • Report writing

If you are interested in this workshop please contact me via phone 6933 2223 or email cmoffat@csu.edu.au at your earliest convenience and I will send you a registration form. You will need to provide your own laptop for this course.

RUG - R User's Group - Free

R is a free powerful open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis and graphical visualization that that operates on all operating systems. Among R's strengths are its built-in tools for inferential statistics, its compact modelling syntax and its data visualisation capabilities – it produces fully-customisable, publication-quality graphics. In addition, R's open source nature and its add-on "packages" have allowed it to keep up with the leading edge in academic research. For all its strengths, though, R has an admittedly steep learning curve; the first steps towards learning and using R can be challenging.

If you would like more info click here

Scope of the Service

The Research Office specifically, and more generally the wider University, has staff with specialist skills in generic areas such as mathematical & statistical analysis and related IT areas such as database & programming.

Through the QCU beginning research Honours, Masters and PhD students are offered a free initial consultation to provide a kick-start to their research to ensure that they embark on a path that will lead to successful completion of their research.

For continuing research students the QCU will act as brokering service to match quantitative research support requests with the appropriate specialist consultancy staff associated with the QCU. In general terms two forms of consultancy service will be available through the QCU;

New: FREE calculator apps.

There are now three new stats Applications available for FREE designed by Sharon Nielsen, they are all located under the resources tab

  • Sample Size Calculator for Comparing Two Means.
  • Sample Size Calculator for Estimating the Population Proportion.
  • Sample Size Calculator for Estimating the Population Mean.

 1. Research Collaboration

In this model the QCU academic associates work with researchers & students as an integral part of the research / supervisory team and share in the academic outputs of the research project. There will be no direct monetary cost associated with this form of assistance.

2. Research Consultancy

Research Consultancy in which QCU academic associates work with clients on a paid consultancy basis.

In instances where the QCU is unable to find a suitable consultant, there will be no financial charge payable by the client. Continuing research students can request the services of a specialist QCU consultant either as collaboration or as a research consultancy.