$250.00 - October 2016 - ONLINE Statistics Workshop


The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) have been conducting face-to-face 'R' Studio Statistic Workshops for a number of years.

We are now able to offer similar ONLINE workshops that will run for 4-5 weeks with 2 x 1 hour online sessions per week.

The cost to students and staff is $250.00.

To register complete this form below and email to the QCU - qcu@csu.edu.au

Workshop Application Form

This workshop will allow you to participate where ever you are located as long and you have a computer and internet connection. You will be able to work through the workbook at your own speed. For support you can attend scheduled weekly online meetings for topic discussions and time to have questions answered.

Additionally, there will be a forum for contact with other students and support staff at other times during the workshop.

Topics covered will include:

* Experimental Process

* Data Types

* Data Preparation

* Data Summaries

* Confidence Intervals

* Hypothesis Testing

* Simple Linear Regression


* Modeling Data

* Report writing

If you require any further information regarding the workshop please contact the QCU via email.