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Scholarship Students

Due to the limited numbers available, CSU reserves Research Training Scheme (RTS) places for Indigenous or Scholarship Students only.

Students in receipt of a scholarship should make themselves familiar with the conditions of their award.  You will need to be aware of any restrictions or limitations that may apply specifically to the type of scholarship awarded.  

Common restrictions that may apply include, but are not limited to:

  • Limits on the hours of work a student can undertake while receiving a scholarship 
  • Limits on the amount of additional funding that student can receive while receiving a scholarship
  • Ability to undertake research overseas
  • Limits applying to both annual and sick paid leave
  • The provision of maternity leave

You should always be aware of the conditions of your scholarship prior to applying for any additional research funding.

Students in receipt of a scholarship may receive all of the following or a combination of:

  • Tuition coverage
    RTS places are provided for 4 years equivalent full time load
  • A stipend
    Stipends administered by the Research Office and are paid fortnightly into a nominated bank account.  Stipends usually receive an annual indexed increase. 
  • Operating funding
    Operating funds are provided to assist with the cost of research for three years equivalent full time load. Students are granted access to these funds through an account code set up with the student’s school accounts. These funds are allocated after the census date of each sessions and are governed by CSU purchasing, travel and delegations policies.  A guide to the use of these funds is available.

Most scholarships allow an extension of up to six months dependant on the conditions of award.

Applying for an extension of Scholarship

The following information should be provided in writing with supporting documentation to at least 6 weeks prior to the completion of your scholarship:-

Ensure all progress reports have been completed
Apply in writing to the Director of Research, Associate Professor Gethin Thomas 
Provide justification for the reason of your request including details of any mitigating circumstance that may have delayed your research.
Provide a plan for the submission of your thesis including a time line
Provide written support from your Principal Supervisor for your request