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Your Supervisory Team

Your main contact throughout your candidature will be with your supervisors, who will be your key advisors and guides throughout.

Prior to enrolment you should approach staff members who would be suitable to supervise the kind of project you are interested in. You can locate potential supervisors on school websites – or contact the relevant Head of School or Sub Dean for HDR students in the school/Faculty that you wish to enrol in. University policy is that each candidate has a Supervisory Team of at least two CSU staff members. One member of this team is nominated as a Principal Supervisor, the other a Co-supervisor. The student may have other Co-Supervisors who complement the team and the support offered, and these may in some cases be located at other Universities or organisations. You will have regular contact with your Supervisory Team throughout your candidature and it is recommended that this contact be made prior to enrolment and within your initial days as a student to discuss expectations. .

Typically, supervisors are located in Schools, Faculties and/or Research Centres of the University.

Working with your Supervisors

During your candidature your supervisory team has overall responsibility for overseeing, guiding and monitoring your progress. Numerous models and strategies exist for developing a successful HDR candidate - supervisor relationship. Your supervisory team will have the expertise and experience in the best model of supervisory relationship for you, given your background, research focus and personality.

Specific Responsibilities and Processes, Supervisory Team.