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Professor John Mawson

Professor John Mawson

BTech (Hons) (Massey), PhD (Massey)

Originally from New Zealand, John graduated with a BTech (Hons) and PhD in Biotechnology from Massey University, NZ and initially worked as Chief Chemist for the NZ Distillery Co Ltd managing yeast production, fermentation and quality assurance functions in the production of potable ethanol from whey and maize. From 1985 – 2001 he led multiple research programmes in food and fermentation technology at Massey and Lincoln Universities, developing new processes and products for adding value to dairy and other manufactured food products. From 2001 - 2008 John served as Assoc Professor in Food Engineering and Manager, Fresh Technologies at Massey University, leading a group of food scientists and engineers undertaking postharvest and packaging research, and providing contract RD&E services to NZ's horticultural and food processing industries.

In 2008 John relocated to London as Professor and Head of Department of Applied Science at London South Bank University, where he also had overall responsibility for the operations and management of the London Food Centre. John took up the the role of Head of the School for the School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences at Charles Sturt University in late 2011.

John Mawson is Professor of Food Engineering at CSU and has recently taken on a secondment role to help build the Faculty's links with the food, beverage and primary industries.

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John's research interests range across the added-value processing of plant and dairy foods, functional foods, active packaging, postharvest technology, and the modelling of food quality across the supply chain. He is also interested in the strategic role of applied research in supporting the further development of the food and fibre industries.


  • FDS305 Quality Management
  • AHT101 Professional Skills in Agriculture and Horticulture

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