Photo_of_Dr_WestonDr Paul Weston

BSc (Cornell), MSc (MichStateUni), PhD (MichStateUni)

Position Adjunct Lecturer
Location Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
Phone 02 6933 4815
Fax 02 6933 2812


Career Brief

After obtaining a BSc degree in Biology from Cornell University, Dr. Weston completed an MS degree in Systems Science followed by a PhD in Entomology at Michigan State University.  He has studied the behaviour and ecology of insect pests in a variety of cropping systems (vegetables, woody ornamentals, and stored grains), focusing on the chemical basis for insect/plant interactions, host selection behaviour, and degree-day models of development.  In addition to basic aspects of biology, Dr. Weston has investigated alternative pest control methods using behavioural modifying chemicals, reduced-risk products, and biological control.  More recently, he has been studying the impact of climate change on insect biology and biological control of weeds by insects.

Dr. Weston arrived at CSU in 2008 after establishing recognised research programs at Kentucky State University and Cornell University.  He lectures into a variety of subjects including Introductory Biology, Invertebrate Pest Management, and Vine Health.  His research program is currently focused on biological control of weeds with insects.


Research and Teaching



Professional Links


Chemical ecology, insect behaviour (oviposition, feeding, movement), insect ecology, phenological models, natural products chemistry, biological control, invasive species ecology and alternative pest management.

Selected Publications

Desurmont GA and Weston PA (2011). Aggregative oviposition of a phytophagous beetle overcomes egg-crushing plant defences.  Ecological Entomology 36, 335-343.

Faust LF  and Weston PA (2009). Degree-day prediction of adult emergence of Photinus carolinus (Coleoptera: Lampyridae). Environmental Entomology 38, 1505-1512.

Weston PA (2008). Pest index: a new approach to establishing thresholds for pest management in woody landscape plants.  Journal of Environmental Horticulture 26, 58-62.

Weston PA (2008). Plant defense elicitors fail to protect Viburnum dentatum from herbivory by viburnum leaf beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 101, 1466-1470.

Weston PA, Diaz MD and Desurmont GA  (2008). Ovipositional biology of viburnum leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).  Environmental Entomology 37, 520-524.


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