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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

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Fauna Research Alliance

Charles Sturt University, through the Institute, is one of the institutional members of the FAUNA (Future-proofing Australasia's Unique Native Animals) Research Alliance, a network which connects researchers and conservation "end user" practitioners from 47 organisations. Projects involving Institute members include:

  • Rewilding Little Desert  (Professor David Watson)
  • Search for the Long-beaked echidna (Professor David Watson)

Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves

Dr Peter Spooner, who has had a long term interest in Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves is currently writing a book on the Historic Development of Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves, something he has been working on since 2015. Dr Terry Kass and Mr Iain Marshall from NSW Land and Property Information have been assisting him with the project. Honours student Bryce Vella began a project commencing mid 2017 aimed at exploring the gazettement history of Travelling Stock routes and Reserves in NSW. The project is co-supervised by Dr Prue Gonzalez from CSU.


Carbon emissions

Dr Julia Howitt and Professor Max Finlayson are part of an international alliance, led by a team in Germany, looking at carbon emissions in dry wetlands. Others in the Australian team are Dr Jason Condon from the Graham Centre and Dr Catherine Leigh from Griffith University. During the week June 5 to 9, Drs Howitt, Condon and Leigh conducted measurements of carbon emissions in the Wagga region. The sampling is for a global DryFlux investigation which is looking at carbon emissions from "dry" sediments (with no surface water) using a standard recording system.