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ILWS Membership

The Institute for Land, Water and Society (ILWS) is a multi and trans-disciplinary research Centre with members working in and across a range of fields including the arts, communication, education, economics, eco-agriculture, regional entrepreneurship and development, social science, natural resource management, ecology, biodiversity, cultural heritage, tourism, modelling, environmental management and eco-agriculture.

ILWS encourages synergies between members from the various research disciplines, and supports collaboration and collective achievements that contribute to Charles Sturt University (CSU)'s goals and have positive impact in the region it serves. More than the 'sum of its parts', ILWS supports team and individual research that contributes to its aim "To undertake internationally recognised integrated environmental, social and economic research for rural and regional areas."

Some members are employed directly by ILWS, many more are employed by Faculties, and membership is spread across many campuses. The uniting feature of membership is commitment to the ILWS aim.

Membership of ILWS is open to CSU's research active researchers, who are not members of other accredited CSU research centres.

There are three categories of membership.

  •  Full Member
  •  Associate Member
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Member

ILWS also has Adjunct Researchers whose specific areas of expertise and research interest enhance ILWS's diverse research capacity. These researchers, who may be based at other universities, institutions and government agencies, are well respected in areas congruent with ILWS's aim, and are either involved, or have the potential to be involved, in ILWS managed research projects.

pdf  ILWS Membership Policy

Membership Criteria

Members must have a formal relationship with CSU. ILWS membership criteria is based on an individual's research activity and their willingness to contribute to the ILWS community. Members must conduct their activities in line with Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

Research activity is based on the Tier One or Tier Two Research Active categories described in CSU's Definition of Research Active for the Purpose of HDR Supervision document Allocation to a Tier is determined by income and output over a three-year period as reported in Research Master and listed in CRO, as detailed below.


Full  Member  (Tier  Two  Research Active)

Associate Member   (Tier   One Research Active)


3 or more HERDC-eligible publications* or a minimum of 1.5 HERDC points**

3 or more HERDC-eligible publications* or a minimum of 1.5 HERDC points**


And at least two of the following

And at least one of the following


An additional 4 HERDC-eligible publications or 2 HERDC points

An   additional   3   HERDC-eligible publications or 1.5 HERDC points




Grant Income

$5,000 or more in HERDC income to CSU

$5,000 or more in HERDC income to CSU




Research Role

Chief  Investigator  on  an  external research grant administered by CSU

Chief  Investigator  on  an  external research grant





Supervision of an HDR student to completion within the three year output period

Supervision of an HDR student to completion within the three year output period

* where a journal article/book chapter/conference publication generates a total of 1 point apportioned between authors and a book generates 5 HERDC points apportioned between authors
** or non-traditional research outputs in those disciplines where creative works are relevant

Researchers who do not meet the above requirements are encouraged to make a case for membership which could include:

  • Demonstration of capacity to move rapidly into a research active role after events such as periods of illness, maternity, paternity or carer's leave, or changes in career direction or employment.
  • Members/prospective members who have recently joined CSU, and for whom the Research Master data is not complete, data from previous roles will be considered.

Higher Degree Research student members:

  • Are a recipient of an ILWS funded scholarship; or
  • Are on a scholarship fully or part-funded by an ILWS administered research project; and/or
  • Have one or more of their supervisors who are Full members of the Institute; and
  • Have a research topic congruent with the Mission of ILWS.

pdf  ILWS Membership Policy

Expectations of members

All Full and Associate members must:

  • Submit research grant applications through ILWS and ensure that the Director and Business Manager are aware of all impending applications
  • Manage their research income through ILWS
  • Be willing to work in teams as and when appropriate

All Full, Associate and RHD members must:

  • Have research interests that align with at least one of the Institute's Research Priorities, i.e. Biodiversity Conservation; Environmental Water; Rural and Regional Communities; and Sustainable Development (International), as presented in the ILWS Strategic Plan.
  • Attribute research publications, entered through Research Master, to both the Institute and School (where applicable)
  • Promote their affiliation with the Institute through the use of the ILWS logo and templates
  • Be responsive to requests for information from ILWS staff

Additionally, members may be asked to be involved in:

  • Major events or activities such as national panels, conferences, reviews
  • Management activities within ILWS
  • Mentoring less experienced researchers
  • Supervision of HDR students

pdf  ILWS Membership Policy

Support & Opportunities for members

Support includes:

  • Access to funding including e.g. research centre fellowships and ILWS member research support schemes
  • Expert assistance with research funding proposals, including budget advice
  • Assistance with the development of major initiatives including the business case, brokering and coordinating business proposals, contracts and subcontracts
  • Project management support for all projects administered by ILWS
  • General administrative support, including travel for international and field work associated with ILWS projects
  • Assistance with entering publications on Research Master
  • Promotion and organisation of Institute-sponsored events
  • Access to ILWS branding including ILWS PowerPoint and publication templates
  • Publicity and promotion of research and research findings to the wider community, including via ILWS newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Mentoring or capacity development by experienced researchers with targeted mentoring programs

Opportunities include:

  • Involvement in collaborative integrated research projects with other members and external partners
  • Raising research profile
  • Participation in ILWS activities
  • Representing ILWS at CSU events or fora

pdf  ILWS Membership Policy

Renewal and review of membership

 Institute membership will be reviewed every two years.

To renew Full or Associate membership researchers must continue to be research active (as defined in CSU's Definition of Research Active for the Purpose of HDR Supervision), have met expectations of membership, and indicate that they wish to remain members.
HDR Student membership continues until the student has graduated or has left the University.

pdf  ILWS Membership Policy

ILWS membership process

To Apply 

To apply for ILWS membership  fill out  the word  Membership Application Form  and include your CV. Decisions about membership will be made by the Director, based on Research Master data and advice from the Management Team and Executive Deans, and/or additional material in special cases

For membership enquiries email