Media Releases 2012

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Flooding in Australia and Bangladesh - new research
11 December (Professor John Hicks)

Graduation celebrations for ILWS postgraduate students
10 December 2012


Think sustainably about your next holiday
29 November 2012 (Dr Rosemary Black)

Basin Plan a guide, not a recipe
23 November 2012 (Prof Max Finlayson, Prof Kevin Parton, Dr Anna Lukasiewicz and Dr Jonathon Howard)

Detailing the benefits of environmental flows
16 November 2012 (Associate Professor Robyn Watts)

New research focus on environmental justice
6 November 2012 (Dr Helen Masterman-Smith, Associate Professor Vaughan Higgins)


Food security in Australia: who wins, who loses?
26 October 2012 (Dr Joanne Millar)

Building trust in fire-prone communities
25 October 2012 (Dr Emily Sharp)

Socially responsible forestry in Indonesia
23 October 2012 (Ms Kristiana Wahyudiyati and Dr Digby Race)

Could the Murray River adapt to climate change?
3 October 2012 (Professor Max Finlayson)


Changes to carbon scheme "good economic sense"
29 August 2012 (Professor Kevin Parton)


International recognition for Australian mistletoe research
11 July 2012 (Associate Professor David Watson)

Water and climate sceptics doubt authorities: ILWS research
9 July 2012 (Dr Emily Sharp & Professor Allan Curtis)

Question Australia's role in global food security: ILWS expert
3 July 2012 (Professor Allan Curtis)


Carbon tax good first step: ILWS economist
28 June 2012 (Professor Kevin Parton)

Science, environment and a fledgling university
27 June 2012 (Professor Nick Klomp)

Tiny native gets a champion
22 June 2012 (Luke Pearce)

Saving world biodiversity a must: ILWS expert
7 June 2012 (Professor Max Finlayson)


What Mabo means 20 years on
30 May 2012 (Yalmambirra)

Environmental water makes big difference: ILWS expert
25 May 2012 (Dr Skye Wassens)

Social and economic impacts of Basin water plan
1May 2012 (Professor Kevin Parton) Recording of talk


ILWS researcher welcomes more protection for koalas
30 April 2012 (Dr Alison Matthews)

Has government funding improved the environment?
30 April 2012 (Professor Allan Curtis)

Lasting change means changing the way we work
18 April 2012 (Professor Kevin Parton)


Katter a 'third force' in Queensland
27 March 2012 (Dr Troy Whitford)



Managing household electricity demand more effectively
31 January 2012 (Dr Jodie Kleinschafer)

Indigenous knowledge for more sustainable land management
January 26 2012 (Professor Max Finlayson)