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The Institute's technical reports that have come out of research projects and consultancies.

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Report NoDateAuthorTitle
1102018Spennemann, D.H.R.Turk's Head at the Union Bridge  From Licenced Hotel to Regional Museum
1112018Spennemann, D.H.R.Conservation Management Plan for the  Turk’s Head Building, Albury, NSW
1122018Silva, L.,  Kopf, S., Mabon, S., Horta, A., Duffy, D., Ning, N., Finding forgotten fishes, the search for two endangered species in the NSW Murray Catchment.
1132018Spennemann, D.H.R.Nineteenth Century Depictions of the Canary Date Palm (Phoenix Canariensis). A Visual Dataset
1142018Silva, L., Pearce, L., Mabon, S., Horta, A., Duffy, D., Kopf, S., Ning, N., Baumgartner, L.Macca's in the Manus, Macquarie perch refuge in the Upper Murray
1152018Mitchell, M.
Allan, C.
Murray Region Community-Based Groups Capacity Needs Assessment: Results of the 2016-2017 Baseline Survey for Murray Local Land Services
1162018Vella, S
Fuller, G
Mitchell, M.  
Allan. C. 
Burmeister, O.
Automated process to create snapshot reports based on the 2016 Murray Community-based Groups Capacity Survey: User Guide
1172018Spennemann, D.H.R.Nineteenth Century Depictions of  American Fan Palms (Washingtonia spp). A Visual Dataset.
1182018Spennemann, D.H.R.
Kent, K. & Cook, R.
Uninvited guests: Mass emergence of Scolytinid beetles in a seed germination experiment and its management.
1192018Spennemann, D.H.R.Documentation of a naturalised Washingtonia robusta growing in Albury (NSW). Herbarium Specimens CSU5200–5202.
1202018Spennemann, D.H.R.An experimental evaluation of food preferences and associated hatching times of the date stone beetle, Coccotrypes dactyliperda (Scolytinae, Coleoptera).
Report NoDateAuthorTitle
1002017Spennemann, D.H.R.Hawkers in the Southern Riverina and North-Eastern Victoria 1890–1930. A survey of newspapers and archival data
1012017Spennemann, D.H.R. Advertisements for Stanislas Sorel's portable stove 'Le Cordon Bleu' (1833–1849). A visual data set
1022017Gonzalez, P., Spennemann, D.H.R.,
Allan, C.
Itinerant Workers in nineteenth-century Australia. A Survey of their Attributes
1032017Spennemann, D.H.R. Feeding the Pigeons.  Documenting a Cosmopolitan Meme on Contemporary Postcards.
1042017Spennemann, D.H.R. The Japanese short-barrelled 12cm and 20cm dual purpose naval guns. Their technical details, war-time distribution and surviving examples.
1052017Strong, S.,
Allan, C.,
Finlayson, M.
Biocultural Knowledge of Aquatic Resources in the Murray River Region: Developing a draft inventory. A report for Murray Local Land Services
1062017Spennemann, D.H.R. Inventing, Innovating and Investing : Biographical notes on the French inventor of galvanised iron, Stanislas Tranquille Modeste Sorel (1798–1876)
1072017Baumgartner, L.J,. Boys, C.A., Gilligan, D.M., Silva, L.G., Pflugrath, B.,
Ning, N.
Fish transfer risk associated with Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro scheme
1082017Minato, W.,  
Allan, C.
An evaluation of the Lake Cowal Foundation. A report prepared for The Lake Cowal Foundation.
1092017Ollerton, J.,
Black, R.  
Planning for Social Inclusion in Playspaces: An evaluation of Livvi's Place, Port Macquarie
Report NoDateAuthorTitle
802015Curtis, A.
Mendham, E.
The social drivers of natural resource management: North Central Victoria Final report to the North Central Catchment Management Authority.
812015Mendham, E.
Curtis, A.
Social benchmarking of North Central Catchment Management
Authority Gunbower Island Projects 
822015Black, R.Social and economic impacts of tourist lodges on local communities: Case studies from Rwanda and Botswana.
832015Spennemann, D.H.R.Nineteenth Century Indigenous Land Use of Albury (NSW), as reflected in the historic sources. Report prepared for the Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW.
842015Mitchell, M. Moore. S.A. Lefroy, E.C. Clement, S. Lockwood, M. Anderson, G. Gaynor, S.M. Gilfedder, L. Rowe, R. Norman, B. An evaluation of strategies used by the Landscapes and Policy Hub to achieve interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research 
852015Spennemann, D.H.R.Diachronic Observations of the Decay of a Pisé Building at Jugiong (NSW)
862015Spennemann, D.H.R.Callitris and Mud. An Analysis of the Construction of German Farmhouse Complex at Edgehill near Henty (NSW).
872015Spennemann, D.H.R.The Disappearing Goanna. Twenty years' of Accelerated Callus Growth obscuring the Design of A Carved Tree, Mungabareena Reserve, Albury (NSW).
882015Spennemann, D.H.R.Paraphernalia of the German Nuclear Industry I. Official Paraphernalia. 
892015Spennemann, D.H.R.Paraphernalia of the German Nuclear Industry II. Picture Postcards and QSL Cards
902015Spennemann, D.H.R.Crown Corrugated Iron in Australasia A preliminary survey of its history, marketing and distribution, 1877–1921.
912015Spennemann, D.H.R.Galvanised Iron at Old Urangeline Station, near Rand (NSW). A Photographic Documentation and Analysis
922015Spennemann, D.H.R.Techniques in Historic Preservation: Recording Historic Corrugated Iron. A Guide to Techniques. Second, enlarged edition. Albury, NSW
932015Spennemann, D.H.R.Techniques in Historic Preservation: Why do corroded corrugated iron roofs have a striped appearance?
942015Hicks, T.
Kopf, R.K.
Humphries, P. 
Fecundity and egg quality of dusky flathead (Platycephalus fuscus) in East Gippsland, Victoria
Report No Date Author Title
79 2014 Amos, C.
Wassens, S.,
Packard, P.,
Spencer, J.
Assessment of Southern bell frog population in the Lake Bullogal region, Lower Lachlan in 2013-2014
Report No Date Author Title
67 2012 Sharp, E.,
Curtis, A.,
Groundwater management in the
Namoi: a social perspective
68 2012 Curtis, A., Mendham, E. The social drivers of natural resource management in the Wimmera region
Report No Date Author Title
62 2011 Allan, C. Roadsides Landholder engagment Program
63 2011 Watts R.J., Allan C., Zander A., and Burns A. Environmental monitoring of pulsed releases from Dartmouth Dam to the Mitta Mitta River in 2009/2010.
64 2011 Race, D.,
Curtis, A., & McDonald, S.
Landscape Scale Conservation of Threatened Grassy Woodlands in the Greater Murray Goulburn catchment
65 2011 Stelling, A., Millar, J., Boon, H., Cottrell, A., King,D., Stevenson, R. Recovery from disaster experiences: Community responses to the Beechworth Bushfires 2003 & 2009
66 2011 Mitchell, M., Curtis, A.,
Sharp, E., & Mendham, E.
Social research to improve groundwater governance: Literature review
  2011 Wassens, S., Watts, R., Howitt, J., Spencer, J., Zander,A., & Hall, A. Monitoring of ecosystem responses to the delivery of environmental water in the Murrumbidgee system. ILWS Report 1 for SEWPAC.
Report No Date Author Title
54 2010 Allan, C. Rapid, small scale socioeconomic studies for natural resource management.
55 2010 Curtis, A., Sample, R. CBNRM in Victoria: Contributing to dialogue, learning and action
56 2010 Curtis,A., Sample,R., McDonald, S. & Mazur, N. Landholder participation in Loddon River health projects
58 2010 Davidson, P., Whittenbury, K. Irrigation day-to-day scheduling decisions: A summary
59 2010 Curtis, A.,
Sample, R.
Coastcare in Victoria: finding from the 2009 survey. A report to the Department of Sustainability and Environment.
60 2010 Curtis, A.,
Mazur, N.
Delivery and use of stock and domestic water in the Murrumbidgee Valley. A report to State Water NSW and Water for Rivers.
61 2010 Griffith, R., Mitchell, M., Walkerden, G., Brown, V., & Walker, B. Building a framework for transformative action in the Wakool Shire (Transformation for resilient landscapes and communities project Working Paper 1)
Report No Date Author Title
40 2008 Curtis, A., Race.D., Sample, R and McDonald, S. Management of water ways and adjoining land in the Mid-Goulburn River: Landholder and other stakeholder actions and perspectives
41 2008 Curtis, A., Sample, R and McDonald, S. Social research evaluating River Tender Program outcomes: A report to the North East Catchment Management Authority
42 2008 Allan, C and Wilson, B. Meeting in the Middle: an evaluation of a novel approach to sharing information on soil health in the Murray Catchment
43 2008 Davidson, P., Wassens, S., Arnaiz, O., Healy, S., Watts, J and Maguire, J. . Hydrological and habitat requirements to maintain viable Southern Bell Frog (Litoria raniformis) populations on the Lowbidgee Floodplain Phase 1
44 2008 Wassens, S Review of the impacts of fire on the ecology and population persistence of the Bathurst Copper Butterfly (Paralucia spinifera)
45 2008 Watts, R. Monitoring of pulsed releases in the Mitta Mitta River, Victoria, during the bulk water transfer from Dartmouth Reservoir to Hume Reservoir 2007/2008
46 2008 Curtis, A., McDonald, S., Mendham, E and Sample, R Understanding the social drivers for natural resource management in the Wimmera region
47 2008 Seymour, E., Curtis, A., Pannell, D., Ridley, A., Allan, C. Exploring community values (and influencing factors) assigned to three natural assets on the Moolort Plains, Victoria
- 2008 Alston, M & Witney-Soanes, K Social impacts of drought and declining water availabilty in the Murray-Darling Basin
48 2008 Thwaites, R., Curtis, A., Mazur, N., Race, D. Understanding rural landholder responses to climate change
Report No DateAuthor Title
2 2006 Allan, C., Curtis, A., Howard, J., McDonald, A & Roberton, S Evaluation of North East Catchment Management Authority's River Tender Pilot
3 2006 Earl, G., Allan, C & Curtis, A. Evaluation of the North East Catchment Management Authority Rural Land Stewardship project: promoting sustainable agriculture through landscape change and payment for environmental services
4 2006 Mendham, E., Millar, J., & Curtis, A. Factors affecting landholder adoption of native vegetation best management practices in the Murray Irrigation Region, NSW
5 2006 Allan , C Learning from each other to support landcare in North East Victoria
6 2006 Spennemann, Dirk A Multi-Disciplined Community of Scholars: A Johnstone Centre Bibliography, 1987-2004
7 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment for the proposed Mulwala Sewerage Scheme Augmentation
8 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Addendum to aquatic assessment, Wagga Wagga Levee Bank Protection
9 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Riverina Wool Combing 2005 Annual Environmental Report
10 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Flora and fauna assessment for Gumly Gumly Quarry Environmental Impact Assessment
11 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Pre-clearance survey of the Ardlethan Realignment (stage 2)
12 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Assessment of Significance for proposed exploration decline at the Hera Deposit, via Nymagee NSW
13 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Flora and Fauna Assessment for a proposed Sand Extraction Project at Darling Downs, via Cobar NSW
14 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Aquatic Ecological Assessment for the proposed Green Swamp/Wunnumurra Stormwater Escape Channel
15 2006 Thwaites, R Report on research undertaken during a visit to Yasawa Islands, Fiji, September 2005 PDF
16 2006 Roshier, D & Watson, D. Review and analyses of IMEF bird surveys for Lachlan River valley PDF
17 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Assessment of Significance for proposed subdivision at South Tatton, Wagga Wagga
18 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Flora and Fauna Assessment for proposed dual carriageway at Little Billabong, NSW
19 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Monitoring of tree clearing along MR84, RTA
20 2006 Curtis, A and Cooke, P. Landcare in Victoria : after twenty years PDF
21 2006 Sobels, J., Curtis, A and Cooke, P . South Australia Landcare Survey 2005 Final Report PDF
22 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Research and Monitoring Stage 2, 2005/2006. Superb Parrot in the Kapooka Military Area and Wagga Wagga Local Government Area
23 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Environmental & Social Assessment for proposed channel remodelling of Rochester No3/23 (RD 1650m – 2930m)
24 2006 Watts, R Responses of biofilms to cyclic releases during a low flow period in the Mitta Mitta River, Victoria PDF
25 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Flora and Fauna Assessment for the proposed pavement rehabilitation, formation, and shoulder widening at Narriah Mountain, Mid Western Highway.
26 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Assessment and Evaluation of rehabilitated sites within the area of the North East Catchment Management Authority
27 2006 Thwaites, R., McDonald, T., and Retra, K. Climate change impacts and adaptation in North Central Victoria: Landholders' perceptions PDF
28 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecological Assessment and Geomorphology Assessment of the Moira Creek
29 2006 Spennemann, D and Sutherland, G Archaeological Survey of the former Japanese Agricultural Research Station at Pwunso,  Kolonia,  Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia
30 2006 Curtis, A,. Cooke, P,. McDonald,. S & Mendham, E Corangamite social benchmarking survey 2006 PDF
31 2006 Johnstone Centre Environmental Consulting Bat survey of derelict mines via Hermidale
32 2006 D. Race,. A. Curtis,. Birckhead, J,. Boyd, M,. Cooke, P,. McDonald,. S and Sample, R. Assessment of Customer Responses to Total Channel Control and Channel Automation in the Central Goulburn Irrigation Area, Victoria
Full report
33 2006 Stanley, J,. Clouston, B and Baker, R. Understanding Land Manager Constraints to the Adoption of Changed Practices or Technological Innovations: Literature Review. PDF
34 2006 Morrison, M and Greig, J. Encouraging Participation in Market Based Instruments and Incentive Programs: Literature Review. PDF
35 2006 Atkinson, John S,. Teng, T,. Curtis, A,. Black, R., and Cooke, P. The Digital Divide in Albury PDF
Report No Date Author Title
1 2005 Race, D., Birckhead, J., Curtis, A and McDonald, S. Socio-economic profile of the Boorowa catchment, New South Wales PDF