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Environmental Water

While this theme is the platform for the Institute's two major environmental water monitoring projects, and related projects, in the Edward-Wakool and the Murrumbidgee river systems, it is also home for the Institute-based  Fish Ecology Collaborative Research Unit,  and other fish ecology and irrigation technology projects. Past, current, emerging and potential research areas include wetland inventory and assessment, ecological indicators, ecology of aquatic biota, ecosystem response to dam and fishway management, aquatic chemistry, adaptive management and riverine ecosystem process. Social, cultural and institutional arrangements for river and wetland management also feature in this theme.

Current Projects

Automated call records evaluate frog responses to environmental watering. Wassens, S., Hall, A., Nimmo, D & Walcott, A. (2016-2017) Department of Environment & Climate Change, $30,000

Billabong-Yanco Creek Wetland Monitoring Proposal. Wassens, S., Wilson, B., Walcott, A., Hall, A. & Wolfenden, B. (2017-2018) Murray LLS, $80,218

Blue-green algal monitoring in the Edward-Wakool River System. Watts, R., Howitt, J. & McCasker, N. (2016) CEWO, $106,476 (Contract variation for the LTIM project) Project Details

Complementary measures for native fish.  Baumgartner, L. (2017) CSIRO/Murray-Darling Basin Authority. $33,000

Development of strategies to optimise release and clean up strategies underpinning possible use of herpes virus 3 (CyHV-3) for carp biocontrol in Australia. Silva, L, & Baumgartner, L. (2017) Fisheries Research & Development Corporation. $39,000.

Ecological assessment of the status of the Southern Bell Frog and Sloane's froglet in Mywurlie station, One Tree NSW. Wassens, S., Knight, A., Walcott, A. & Heard, G. (2017-2018), Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd, $46,948.

Environmental Monitoring and Training for Aboriginal Communities. Wassens, S., Allan, C., Whitsed, R. & Bond, J. (2017-2018) DECC, $20,000 

Environmentally sustainable irrigation solutions for the Murray-Darling Basin.  Baumgartner, L.  (2017) Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering-Global Connections Fund – Bridging Grant, $49,966

Fishing for answers: Unlocking spawning secrets of Australian native fish. Baumgartner, L., Silva, L., Thiem, J. (2016-2020) Recreational Fishing Trust. $100,000 Project Details

In search of the elusive Mekong salmon. Baumgartner, L. & An, VV. (PhD student), (2016-2018), National Geographic Society Research Grant, $30,080 

Koondrook-Perricoota Floodplain Runoff project.  Watts, R., Howitt, J. (2016-2017) Forestry Corporation of NSW ($49,501), ILWS and CSU's Faculty of Science Project details

Long Term Intervention Monitoring project - Edward Wakool Selected Area. Stage 2. Watts, R., McCasker, N., Howitt, J., Kopf, R.K. with NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Monash University (Water Studies Centre), Griffith University, NSW OEH, and Murray LLS. (2014-2019) CEWO, $3.36M   Project Webpage

Long Term Intervention Monitoring project-Murrumbidgee Selected Area. Stage 2.. Wassens, S., Hall, A., Wolfenden, B. with NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), University of NSW, Riverina LLS, and NSW OEH, (2014-2019) CEWO, $3.5M  Project Webpage

Recovery of native fish communities in the Murray-Darling Basin. Baumgartner, L. (2017) Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, $18,948.

Short Term Intervention Monitoring-waterbird and prey responses to inundation of the Western Lakes.Jenkins, K., Wolfenden, B. Wassens, S. (2016-2017) CEWO, $52,983 

2016-2017 Murrumbidgee Bird Breeding Event.  Brandis, K. (UNSW), Spencer, J. (NSW OEH); Wassens, S. (2016-2017) CEWO, $142,191(Contract variation for the Murrumbidgee LTIM project)  

2016-2017 Murrumbidgee Targeted Hypoxic  Blackwater Monitoring.  Wassens, S., Wolfenden, B., Walcott, A. (2016-2017) CEWO, $8,545 (Contract variation for the Murrumbidgee LTIM project) 


Completed Projects