Research Areas

Our research is focused on specific research areas where we have the research expertise, breadth of knowledge and interest to better support the strategic development of research across CSU and to tackle the challenges facing rural and regional communities.

These Strategic Research Areas are issue focused, team-based, interdisciplinary, underpinned by disciplinary excellence, and are output (the products of research) and outcome (the external use, adoption, or influence of an output) oriented. They reflect our current and emerging strengths in both people and areas of research. There is also an increasing recognition of the impacts of our research, that is the longer range social, environmental and economic benefits.

Strategic Research Area Leader(s)
Social Research for Regional Natural Resource Management Prof Allan Curtis
Sustainable Water A/Prof Robyn Watts
Social Aspects of Climate Change Adaptation Prof Mark Morrison
Sustainable Business Development in Regional Australia Prof John Hicks & Dr PK Basu
Woody Regrowth in Rural Landscapes A/Prof Ian Lunt
Environmental Justice and Governance for Social Change Dr Helen Masterman-Smith & A/Prof Vaughan Higgins
Improving Rural Livelihoods and Environments in Developing Countries Dr Joanne Millar & Dr Rik Thwaites

Past SRA's

Ecosystem Services led by Dr Rod Duncan ceased in 2013

Research Rankings
ILWS was a major contributor to CSU obtaining a ranking of 4/5 for Environmental Science and Management in the 2012 national ERA research assessment undertaken by the Australian Research Council. A ranking of 4/5 indicates the research is considered to be above world standard.