International Research Links

The Centre for Inland Health has strong research links with a range of organisations in other nations, and these links are detailed below by research area.

Cardiovascular research

Institution/ Organisation Key Links Nature of Link
Liaocheng Clinical School, Taishan Medical University, Shandong Province, China Prof Bin Zhang, Dean of Liaocheng Clinical School and Adjunct Professor of CSU

Prof Lexin Wang is working with Prof Bin Zhang to research: the diagnosis and treament of chronic heart failure; pharmacological management of acute coronary syndrome; and application of traditional Chinese medicines in cancer treatment


Strategic alliance (MOU) between the Department of Cardiology and Haematology and CSU Cardiovascular Research Group in cardiovascular and cancer research; postgraduate training for CSU research higher degree students. Base funding (joint) $21,000; annual joint publication of 10-15 journal articles since 2007

Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, Jinan University , Guangzhou , China

Prof Tongguo Wu, Director, Department of Cardiology

Prof Lexin Wang is working with Prof Tongguo Wu to research novel therapies for coronary artery disease


Strategic alliance (MOU) between the Department of Cardiology and CSU Cardiovascular Research Group, in cardiovascular research and training. Base funding (joint)$110,000. Annual joint publication of 5 journal articles since 2007

BOLD International an international collaboration with headquarters at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research , USA

via Prof Guy Marks, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research , Australia , Australian member of the international advisory board of BOLD International , and research leader for BOLD Australia

As noted on the BOLD Australia website, "The BOLD (Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease) study is a very important international research survey looking at lung health in the community. The study has been conducted in 15 countries around the world."


Dr Debbie Burton is the Chief Investigator for NSW Rural BOLD , the NSW rural arm of BOLD Australia , which in turn is a key part of BOLD international.


Obstructive Lung Disease creates a significant burden on elderly people in our communities which is difficult to quantify from existing information. The NSW Rural BOLD study will measure the prevalence of obstructive lung disease in adults in rural NSW. The information collected will be available as part of the larger international BOLD study in which Australia is one participating country. The data is needed to form the basis for prevention and disease management interventions.

Cell biology, genetics & immunology in health & disease

Institution/ Organisation Key Links Nature of Link

Association Francaise contre les Myopathies (AFM) , France

Research funding body

The AFM has provided funding to Dr Gayle Smythe & Dr Jade Forwoodto support their research into therapeutics for muscular dystrophy titled, Characterisation of disrupted Src signalling as a potential and novel therapeutic target in muscular dystrophy.


In 2008 - $37,000 In 2009 - $37,000

Medical Research Council, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

Dr Murray Stewart

Dr Jade Forwood is working with each of these researchers to research structural and functional aspects of nuclear protein import

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford , UK Dr Sai Liu
School of Medicine, Emory University , USA Dr Anita Corbett

Physical activity & fatigue in health, disease & occupations

Institution/ Organisation Key Links Nature of Link

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Prof Tim Noakes
   Prof Mike Lambert

Prof Frank Marino is working with these researchers to research the basis of the central governor model on fatigue during exercise performance

Massey University,
New Zealand

Dr Toby Mundel

Dr Rob Duffield and PhD candidates Cheyne Donges & Melissa Rouse are working with these researchers to research the effect of acute and chronic training on protein synthesis

University of Auckland, New Zealand Dr Nicholas Grant

Community well-being, human services & clinical care

Institution/ Organisation Key Links Nature of Link

Coventry University Pre-hospital, Emergency & Cardiovascular Care (PHECC), UK

Prof Malcolm Woollard

Assoc Prof Peter O'Meara has completed a number of research projects with Prof Woollard, and is currently working with Prof Woollard to conduct research titled, the influence of research on the policy and practice of ambulance services in the England and Wales: lessons for Australian ambulance authorities and paramedics. Further research is planned.


Prof Woollard was a Visiting Research Professor to CSU in 2006 and is returning in 2009 after Assoc Prof O'Meara returns from a visit at Coventry University . He is also co-supervising two paramedic students with Assoc Prof O'Meara, undertaking PhD and MHlthSc(Hons) programs.

Mission in Health Care and Development, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba-Masururu

Dr Elaine Dietsch is working with Dr Mulimbalimba-Masururu to conduct research titled, the experience of being a traditional midwife (TM) and the impact of AusAID funded resources on TM practice.


This project, using a qualitative research methodology, seeks to explore how TMs, from the Bungoma Districts of inland Kenya , perceive their role. It will also report on their perception of how a simple resource (birth kit), provided by AusAID and BFKA, has impacted on their practice and the health outcomes for the women and their newborns who access their services. This project is expected to inform a number of key national and international organisations, midwives and health professionals about the value of birth kits in resource poor nations.

Mansfield University USA

Prof Denise Seigart

Dr Elaine Dietsch is working with Prof Seigart to conduct research titled, a comparison of School-Based Health Care: International Case Studies.


This project is a collaborative research endeavour involving faculty at Mansfield University , CSU and Nipissing University in Canada . A comparison of school-based health care in these countries is being carried out throughout the '08-09 academic year.

Rural Maternity Care New Emerging Team, University of British Columbia, Canada

Prof Jude Kornelsen

Dr Elaine Dietsch is working with Prof Kornelsen to conduct research titled, International Comparisons of the Effect of Maternity Service Closures on Rural Parturient Women.


The goal of this project is to build collaborative relationships between health service and clinical researchers in Canada and Australia to create an environment of mutual learning and insight into the local challenges faced by rural parturient women, families and communities in both locations. These relationships will be based on recognition of the synergistic advantages to approaching health service delivery challenges from multiple perspectives and contexts.