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Engaging Industry

The National Wine & Grape Industry Centre is a recognised leader in promoting the application of research outputs within the Australian wine sector. NWGIC staff are embedded in major state-wide and national extension and adoption networks.

NWGIC staff work closely with Wine Australia, NSW Wine, and the Wine Grapes Marketing Board (WGMB) at Griffith to develop state-wide regional development projects funded by Wine Australia. NWGIC staff are also embedded in the NSW DPI funded Skills Development Program, a multi-million dollar initiative to develop regional wine industries through a range of development, extension and adoption activities. NWGIC staff with expertise in industry adoption, undergraduate and post graduate training and adult training and development are active in the National Extension and Innovation network.


The NWGIC held a workshop in Wangaratta in 2019. It featured new research to improve vineyard health, limit wine spoilage and understand the differences between Shiraz wines from different regions. Find out more in the program.


Training on a variety of subjects is provided by our partner Department of Primary Industries NSW.

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Resources for Industry

The National Wine & Grape Centre provides a wide array of resources that can be accessed directly by grape growers and winemakers.


Our collection of resources for grape growers include fact sheets, videos, and apps on the topics of trunk diseases, soil health, pesticides, mildews, and more.



We provide a wide array of publications and videos for winemakers in the areas of spoilage, micro oxygenation, and more.



NSW DPI has further expanded its reach of fortnightly Vinewatch bulletins to winegrape growers across NSW wine regions.

The Murray Valley and Southern Highlands regions recently joined Canberra, Hunter Valley, Griffith, Mudgee, Orange and Tumbarumba in providing real-time phenological updates on key varieties, along with risk rated pest and disease information.

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