Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Master of Theology (Honours)

Probation Conditions for PhD and Masters

Normally, these conditions should be fulfilled within the first year (full-time equivalent) of candidature.

  1. Induction Programme

    Attendance of the Induction and Orientation Workshop for new higher degree by research students hosted by the Research Office.

  2. Seminar Presentation

    Successfully present and defend the thesis research proposal at a seminar which will normally be held in the host School or Centre. The quality of the proposed research will be evaluated by appropriate members of staff. A satisfactory seminar presentation is normally expected within six months (full-time equivalent) of commencement.

  3. Research Proposal

    Have the research proposal approved by the Research Advisory Committee.

  4. Additional Requirements

    Successful completion of any specified coursework and/or additional requirements as stipulated in the Offer Conditions on Letter of Offer.