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Sexual assault and harassment information and support

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Respect. Now. Always.


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How you can help

Get help in an emergency

We encourage all people to get help in an emergency.

  • Phone 000 for emergency Police or Ambulance assistance
  • Call Campus Security

Report an incident after it happens

We take all reports seriously and respond swiftly. We will support you and protect your welfare.

Training for students

CSU will give all students access to the online Consent Matters training package this session. This training includes:

  • what consent is
  • recognising unhealthy behaviours
  • calling out examples of inappropriate behaviour
  • what to do if a friend or peer tells you they have experienced sexual assault or harassment.

The training will be required for all students who work or volunteer for CSU from 2018 onwards, however all students are encouraged to complete it.

Students will receive more information when the training is available.

Training for staff

All staff have access to the Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence online training package via ELMO. This training will help you know what to do if you are the first responder to a report of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Staff are expected to complete this training by the end of 2017.

In addition, staff in key student-facing roles will be invited to complete additional face-to-face training. Staff in areas including Student Central, Residence Life and key groups of Student Liaison Officers have already completed this additional training.

A dedicated Sexual Assault Resource Group (SARG) has also been created. If you would like further advice on what to do if you receive a report of a sexual assault or sexual harassment, you can contact a member of the SARG for assistance.