Respect. Now. Always.

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Respect. Now. Always.

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We want our University to be a place of safety and respect

We’ve launched Respect. Now. Always. a sector-wide campaign to prevent sexual assault and harassment. We join Australian universities to keep building values of safety and respect in our communities. We will support you and people you know affected by sexual assault and harassment.

Get help or make a report

Get help in an emergency

We encourage all people to get help in an emergency.

  • Phone 000 for emergency Police or Ambulance assistance
  • Call Campus Security

Report an incident after it happens

We take all reports seriously and respond swiftly. We will support you and protect your welfare.

Safety on campus

You can register with CSU Safe campus security for urgent help or call back requests. You can also request a security escort if you’re feeling unsafe on campus.

Dial 400 to call Campus Security on an internal phone or contact your local campus security on:

  • Albury-Wodonga: 02 605 19888
  • Bathurst: 02 633 84999
  • Canberra: 02 612 22777
  • Dubbo: 02 636 57494
  • Manly: 02 633 84999
  • Orange: 02 636 57522
  • Port Macquarie: 02 658 29399
  • Sydney Olympic Park: 02 633 84999
  • Wagga Wagga: 02 693 32288
  • Wangaratta: 03 572 52767

Get support

We have highly skilled staff who can support you or people you know affected by sexual assault and harassment.

Support at CSU

Support outside CSU

How you can help your peers

If you know someone affected, listen to them, believe them and think about how you can help. Send a message of support so they know you’re there. Ask them how you can help or find out what they want to do.

How to help someone being hassled

Bystanders can make a difference. If it is safe, intervene or get help. Encourage them to report an incident or get support by using one of the above options.

We all have a role to play

Look at what you can do to challenge attitudes that excuse sexual assault and harassment. Some situations and what you can do include:

What consent is

What sexual assault and harassment are

Sexual assault and harassment are any sexual acts without consent. They can include being forced, coerced or tricked into an act or any unwanted behaviours. Sexual assault and harassment can happen to all people from all backgrounds. It is never the victim's fault.