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At CSU we have trained staff who can support you or people you know who are affected by sexual assault or harassment.

Get support

We are asking all staff to complete online training to help them understand what to do if you report an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Student-facing staff in key areas, such as Student Central and Residence Life, have also received additional face-to-face training. We are highlighting and improving our processes for responding to these reports.

Residential Advisers have also received training on responding to sexual violence. For more than seven years, CSU has taken part in the Putting Youth in the Picture peer-led program, which involves Residential Advisers talking to students living on campus about the legal consequences of their decisions. The NSW Sexual Assault Service also runs training for Residential Advisers at the beginning of each year.

This means you have access to the support networks you need if you report a sexual assault or sexual harassment. You are encouraged to report any incidents of sexual violence you have experienced as a student, including those that occur on campus or at University events.

CSU also works closely with sexual assault support services in our local communities, linking you to expert 24-hour support if you need it.