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Tier 3

A landing page is an entry point to the CSU website.  Landing pages target a particular stream of traffic, offering them a single information context and clear calls to action. Landing pages are used as entry points to CSU from sources such as offline advertising, online advertising (e.g. PPC), print publications, external websites, and electronic direct mail (EDM).

Landing pages help users by providing them a direct entry point to the information that is most useful to them.

Landing pages help our business because they can be used to more effectively convert a targeted set of web visitors into leads by funnelling them to conversion activities such as contacting us, or applying to study. By integrating landing pages with Google Analytics campaign tracking, we are also able to better understand the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and allocate resources more efficiently.

Landing pages cover a range of business and customer needs including the following:

  • A focused entry point to CSU from advertising – offline or online
  • Promotion of an individual course or group of related courses. This might be a sub-group within a Career Area, a School-based promotion, or a new course.
  • Entry point for a topic or specific type of visitor e.g. Deferred students, scholarships, research by higher degree
  • An overview of an entire Career area.
  • Promotion of an event e.g.
  • A mini-site i.e. a landing page format that might include 2-3 pages
  • An entry point from International partner sites listed here