Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Tier 5

Offices and Divisions are areas within the university that make up the governing, administrative, research and learning support areas of the university. These websites map directly to the organisational structure and are made up of mainly intranet websites with some public facing areas.

Division of Library

Header Components

  1. Global Navigation Bar
  2. Internal Red Header (Includes logo and search field)
  3. Dark Grey Title Bar
  4. Top Site Menu Bar - Light Grey (Optional)

Mobile Components

 Divisional Tier Example - Tablet and Mobile


  1. Light Grey Site Menu bar wraps onto two lines
  2. Right Column Content displays below main content


  1. Logo changes to smaller abbreviated version
  2. Global Navigation Bar and Search collapses into an expandable menu accessed via an icon on branding area
  3. Light Grey Site Menu Bar collapses into a expandable "Site Menu"
  4. Left Navigation collapses into a expandable "Page Menu"
  5. "Back to top" jump link in footer
  6. Option loaded into footer for "Switch to Desktop" view

Setting up a site

1. Design Files

CSU RWD Tier 5 - Asset #516374 and its customisations.

CSU RWD Tier 5 - Customisation - Asset #516615

CSU RWD Tier 5 - Customisation - Leftnav Start at Top - Asset #518676

CSU RWD Tier 5 - Customisation - Leftnav Start at 2nd Level - Asset #518940

Apply the required design file via the "Settings" screen of the asset or "Site Asset" and cascade as required.

2. Metadata Schema

Apply the metadata schema "Tier 5" - Asset #508015

You can do this from the "Metadata Schema" screen of the asset and cascade as required.

3. Apply the Layout

Ensure that No Layout is applied on the "Look up Settings" screen.

Effective Paint Layout: none.

4. Setting Metadata Options

Set the metadata options for the asset via the "Metadata" screen. Acquire the locks and scroll down to the "Tier 5" section of the screen as seen on the following page.