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Tier 7 Example - Second logo

The Second Logo

The main enhancement to the Tier 7 Template is the addition of a second logo to the header of the template. This sits along side the CSU Logo.

To add this to a Tier 7 site you will need to do the following -

NOTE: This is an admin task and should only be completed at the time of setup of the site by a Web Coordinator.

  • Create a customisation of the Tier 7 Base Customisation, that reflects the name of your website.
  • Create a new nested design helper and place this in the custom folder #686174. You could clone the nested helper "Second Logo" #567435 as a starting point into the custom folder.
  • Alter the html of this nested design helper to what you need and upload the new logo as a new image asset under this design helper. The size of this image needs to be 200 pixels wide x 76 pixels high.
  • Customise the "nest second logo" design area to point to a new nested content design helper specifically for your website.
  • On the "nest second logo" details screen set the print option to "yes".
  • Make sure the new Tier 7 Base Customisation specifically for your website is applied to your site via the "Settings" screen.