YouTube Live live streaming nest camera link

Camera #1 - Nest camera

This is the internal nest-facing camera. It requires Adobe Flash Player installed to view the video feed.


Owing to high demand on the live feeds we reboot the streaming server every 60 minutes (unattended) to clear any hangs and other problems; apologies for any inconvenience. Refresh your browser page to get going again. The new streaming server platform, a Windows 7-based system, on an HP Core2Duo platform with plenty of RAM memory, has proven to be superbly stable and quick since its upgrade in Jan 2014.

About the hardware

This nest-facing camera is an Axis 3344-VE model, a day/night very low-light, all weather, fully bird-proof model, supplied by the fantastic teams at CCTV Hire and Lan1. It's an older model than the new ledge camera but has proven itself to be a reliable & stable source and offers full clarity and contrast, in hi-definition, for both day and night images. With a little boost from an IR source in low light conditions we're not losing any image quality.

Internally we connect the cameras through the impressive Milestone XProtect Essential surveillance package with motion sensor capability 24/7hrs. It records on to large 2TB storage hard drives, which in low season can give us over a month's worth of hi-quality recording storage, but in peak season this cuts down to a few days storage owing to the extra visual activity.

We also use Videolan's VLC player in streaming mode with transcoding switched on to create the streams that this page connects to. This page then renders the stream using Flowplayer video player (currently Flash version) to embed the streams. Other platforms are being tested as we continue improvements, and soon we'll upgrade to HTML5 technology to allow Apple and Android devices to stream video properly.

The FalconCam Project team in Orange would like to thank the CSU DIT Web team and Orange Heads of Campus, Kevin Parton and Heather Robinson (former and present, resp.) for their continued support and co-operation in allowing us to stream these amazing pictures out to the Internet. Without them all this Project wouldn't be possible to showcase.

For more information:

Project website:
Contacts: Scott Banks (technical), Ph: 0414 914 949, Dr Cilla Kinross, Ph: 02 6365 7651

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