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On Exchange Global Exchange Adventurers

Our Global adventurers are a mad bunch of students by day explorers by night!

Partner Universities

  1. Lakehead University Canada

    Lakehead University, Canada

  2. University of Regina Canada

    University of Regina, Canada

  3. Trent University Canada

    Trent University, Canada

  4. University of Fraser Valley Canada

    University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

  1. Thompson Rivers University Canada

    Thompson Rivers University, Canada

  2. Yanzhou University China

    Yangzhou University, China

  3. yunnan

    Yunnan University of Finance & Economics, China

  4. Tiajin University China

    Tiajin University of Commerce, China

  1. Changchun Taxation College China

    Changchun Taxation College, China

  2. University of Chester UK

    University of Chester, United Kingdom

  3. Institut Superieur du Commerce ISC France

    Institut Superieur du Commerce (ISC), France

  4. Kansai Gaidai University Japan

    Kansai Gaidai University, Japan

  1. APU Japan

    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

  2. University of Limerick Ireland

    University of Limerick, Ireland

  3. Hannam University Korea

    Hannam University, Korea

  4. Mid Sweden University Sweden

    Mittuniversitetet College (Mid Sweden University), Sweden

  1. Orebro University Sweden

    Orebro University, Sweden

  2. FHS Saint Gallen Switzerland

    FHS University of Applied Sciences, Saint Gallen, Switzerland

  3. The Hague University Netherlands

    The Hague University, The Netherlands

  4. Georgetown University USA

    Georgetown University, USA

  1. Humboldt State University USA

    Humboldt State University, USA

  2. Lake Erie College USA

    Lake Erie College, USA

  3. Mansfield University USA

    Mansfield University, USA

  4. North Dakota State University USA

    North Dakota State University, USA

  1. Oregon State University USA

    Oregon State University, USA

  2. Oswego State University USA

    State University of New York Oswego, USA

  3. University of Kentucky USA

    University of Kentucky, USA

  4. University of North Carolina Wilmington USA

    University of North Carolina - Wilmington, USA

  1. University of Montana USA

    University of Montana, USA

  2. Western Illinois University USA

    Western Illinois University, USA

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